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There are many reasons to build a home gym. Buying your own home gym equipment can save you from having to pay for a gym subscription, while also allowing you the convenience of working out in your home whenever you want. However, it’s important that you buy the right equipment, use it, and maintain it correctly. Below are just 5 important mistakes to avoid when buying home gym equipment.

Buying Equipment You’ll Never Use

The main mistake to avoid when buying home gym equipment is getting equipment you’re not really going to use. There’s no point in buying equipment only for it to sit in a corner gathering dust. Make sure that any equipment you invest in is going to actually get used. To get the right type of equipment for you, you need to first understand your fitness goals. 

A treadmill is likely to be a waste of money if you’ve got your heart set on strength training or bodybuilding. However, if you’re a runner, a treadmill could be a handy piece of equipment to own on those cold winter days when you want to get your run in but would prefer to do it from the comfort of your own home. On the same note, you don’t need to purchase advanced gym machinery for heavy workouts if you generally use free weights.

Buying Bulky Equipment

Some equipment can take up too much space. If your home space is tight, to begin with, you will regret buying big equipment that’s gonna take up too much room. When buying machinery, measure the space you have and get the measurements of the prospective equipment so that you know exactly how much room it’s going to take up. 

Companies like Hoist Fitness sell lots of compact equipment that could be worth looking into. You may also be able to find equipment that can be folded away or easily dismantled when not in use. In some cases, you may not even need machinery to work out – fitness tools like resistance bands and dumbbells may be all you need to achieve a great workout. An advantage of free weights is that you can store this equipment practically anywhere. 

Splashing out on equipment beyond your needs

Another mistake to avoid when buying home gym equipment is buying super advanced equipment. There’s no point in spending thousands on state-of-the-art equipment if you’re not going to make use of all its features. For example, when choosing an exercise bike, consider whether you really need a top-end bike, one that has a lot of settings that you may never even use. An entry-level bike could be a much wiser purchase. 

Scrimping on equipment that’s too basic

Similarly, you should avoid buying equipment that is too basic for your needs. If you’re training at an intermediate or high competitive level, using basic equipment could put you at a disadvantage. It’s important to know when you’ve moved up to the next level and when basic equipment no longer fits your needs.

Also, buying super-cheap fitness equipment may not be worth it because it may not last long. It can end up getting damaged soon after purchasing and you’ll have to buy more equipment soon after.

Not maintaining your equipment

Not maintaining your equipment is another mistake to avoid when buying home gym equipment. One of the most important things to keep in mind is the maintenance of your equipment. This will help you to keep it functioning for longer. It’s not a good idea to leave most types of equipment outdoors since it can result in it decaying. If you’re using a punching bag or some weights in your yard, take them indoors when you are not using them. 

The equipment also needs to be kept clean. Dirt and grime build-up won’t only be unpleasant but could affect the functioning of the equipment. For example, sensors that read your heartbeat may not be able to take a reading properly if they aren’t clean. Letting build-up accumulate on these machines can also be the perfect environment for bacteria to grow, which is not good for your health. 

Now that you know the most common mistakes to avoid when buying home gym equipment, you have a sense of what to keep in mind. You’ll find that buying home gym equipment is not that complicated and you’ll be able to get fitter at your home gym without having to drive anywhere.

To a Fitter Healthier You,

Adriana Albritton

The Fitness Wellness Mentor

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