Are you interested in writing a guest post for the Wellness Creatives website? We’re trialing guest posts on the blog for a little while and would love to have input from our community. So, if you’re a fitness writer, health blogger, or wellness entrepreneur, we’re keen to hear from you.

Our audience is made up of business owners and professionals from across the health, fitness, and wellness space. We’re looking for articles that they’ll find insanely useful in their business, whether that’s a gym facility, yoga studio, or health coaching practice.

Creating Content For Our Audience

Our site focuses on marketing, sales, and industry news. It’s read by gym owners, personal trainers, yoga studios, health coaches, nutritionists, and many more wellness professionals. The blog covers…

Guest Posting Guidelines

Before you write a guest post for our site, please consider the following points…


  • Write on your specialist subject – our audience is made up of savvy business owners and self-employed professionals. So, write about a topic you’re an expert on, whether that’s through personal experience or formal education.
  • Follow our no BS approach – we don’t make exaggerated promises about 6-figure incomes (we hate that side of the fitness industry) so take time to read our about page and understand our values.
  • Create unique content – original articles only please… don’t submit a guest post that’s already been published on another site. If you want to repost it on your own website afterward, then you’ll need to wait 12 weeks before doing so and link it back to the original so Google doesn’t think it’s duplicate content.
  • Make it easy to read – your guest post should be between 500-1500 words long with sub-headers, numbered lists, and bullet points (no long paragraphs). Include practical takeaways and examples so that readers understand exactly how to implement any ideas themselves.

Submit a Guest Post

Once you’ve drafted your article, submit it using the form below. Please don’t send us a generic list of article titles – you’ll need to send us the fully written article. Paste the article title, full text (500-1500 words), and your author bio into the box. The bio (max 100 words) should include details of your experience and can include a link to your blog or website plus a social media profile. 


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