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In your everyday schedule, being busy comes with being responsible. Working a full-time job, maybe raising a family, staying on top of your fitness routine, and allowing yourself to relax can feel like a weight on your shoulders. Here is how aromatherapy essential oils affect your brain.

Luckily, one of the best ways to let yourself decompress is by giving yourself proper self-care. Taking the time out of your hectic schedule to take soothing a bubble bath, read a good book, or breathe in essential oils can do a world of good.

Skin Absorption

One of the easiest ways to feel the effects of essential oils is through topical application. You can do this by applying oil to the skin through massage and skin-care products, allowing it to absorb into the body.

Through circular motions and deep breathing, essential oils permeate and assist in inflammation, pain, and other minor physical issues. Be sure to dilute the essential oil with other cosmetic products, as it shouldn’t come in direct contact with the skin due to its potency.

Through Inhalation

Inhaling is another way aromatherapy essential oils affect the brain. You can inhale through many ways: evaporation in the air through a diffuser or spray or breathing in through a steam bath or sauna.

By inhaling essential oils, the nerves in your mouth and nose trigger your brain’s responses. It affects the limbic and respiratory systems, linking to your emotions, heart rate, blood pressure, memory, stress, and breathing. So it’s great for anxiety and improving your sleep.

Choosing Ingestion

Lastly, you can choose to ingest them. However, proceed with caution in case of reactions and speak to your doctor first. If you have permission to ingest essential oils, you will need a specially trained doctor or pharmacist who has prescribed them to you.

Essential oils have many uses and effects. On the one hand, citrus oil has so many superpowers! It boosts energy, relieves stress, and lifts your mood. Just be sure to dilute it properly and only ingest it if allowed.

Essential oils do a world of good for just about anyone. If you’re feeling stressed, make a pillow mist infused with lavender to help you relax. If you feel low energy during your run, take a big whiff of citrus oil and keep pushing. It’s no wonder essential oils are an excellent choice for self-care.

To a Fitter Healthier You,

The FitnAll Family

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