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Believe it or not, clothing has an effect on you. Clothing affects how you view others as well as how you view, think, and feel about yourself. This is why you should take into consideration what you wear.

Research on Clothing

Research shows that wearing a piece of clothing, allows you to embody its symbolic meaning, triggering your thoughts and feelings about it. Researchers gave participants equally-looking white coats but told one group that they were wearing doctors’ coats and told the other group that they were wearing painters’ coats. The results showed that those thinking that they were wearing doctors’ coats felt and behaved more professionally and attentively to the tasks asked to be performed than the ones wearing painters’ coats.

Another study found that different styles of clothing had different clothing effects on self-perception. Some participants were asked to wear business clothing and others casual clothing while performing tasks. Those wearing business attire felt more competent, authoritative, and trustworthy while the ones wearing casual attire reported feeling friendlier.

In a study of sports clothing on sports physiology, researchers also found that athletic clothing has a positive effect on athletes’ physiological responses. Sports clothing has better wicking ability, helping reduce skin surface temperature and sweat rate.

Born Tough

I can corroborate the research based on my own experience. When I wear great-looking business attire, I feel more qualified and confident in my business meetings. When I’m meeting friends wearing jeans, I feel friendlier. When I want to recover and relax, a t-shirt and leggings do the trick. And when I’m training or running errands, I like wearing contoured tracksuits which make me feel powerful and energetic while accentuating my physique.

I started wearing Born Tough, a rising fitness apparel brand because they design all their athletic wear with the highest level of performance and comfort in mind. They use green cotton alternatives, that are lightweight and soft yet durable for everyday workouts. Highly breathable and moisture-wicking mesh fabric, as well as 4-layered cotton-spandex blends for intense workouts, and heavy cotton blends that are insulated and form-fitting for their outdoor pieces.

When you want to feel energetic and strong and your goal is high performance during your workouts, consider wearing the right athletic attire. Additionally, keep in mind that high-quality fitness clothing can physiologically improve your workouts. As you can see, what you wear makes a fashion statement and allows you to look great. But not only that, the right clothing can allow you to view yourself in a greater light, feel better, and perform better.

To a Healthier Fitter You,

Adriana Albritton

The Fitness Wellness Mentor

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