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This waiver of liability includes any risk of engaging in coaching, attending live sessions, engaging in Skype /phone call sessions, email correspondence, or attending any events, workshops, or other services provided by the Adriana Albritton or A Fit Wellness. Please see the detail below:

  • Clients using A Fit Wellness or Adriana Albritton’s services will understand that these services are not offered as a substitute for clinical mental health care or medical care and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical conditions. You should also understand that the coach is not acting as a medical professional.
  • You will understand and agree that you are fully responsible for your own well-being during your coaching sessions, and subsequently, your choices and decisions.
  • You will understand that this service is fully confidential, respecting your privacy and integrity. Yet, if coaches suspect or have a reason to believe that a child has been abused or neglected, or observe a child being subjected to conditions that would reasonably result in harm to the child, they are mandated to report it. Also, coaches can make reports when clients express a detailed plan to commit suicide.
  • You will also understand that all comments and ideas offered by a coach are solely for the purpose of aiding you in achieving your defined goals in order to improve or enhance your life experiences, mental wellbeing, or mental maintenance. You will be able to give informed consent, and hereby give such consent to your coach to assist you in achieving such goals. 
  • You will have read and understood the terms and conditions, Privacy Policy, and other documentation relating to confidentiality and adult protection.
  • You will have understood that the use of technology is not always secure and accept the risks of confidentiality in the use of email, text, phone, Skype, and other technology.
  • You hereby release, waive, acquit and forever discharge your coach, any agents, successors, assigns, personal representatives, executors, heirs and employees from every claim, suit action, demand or right to compensation for damages claimed or that you may have arising out of your own acts or omissions or acts and omissions of your coach as a result of any advice given otherwise resulting from the coaching relationship contemplated by this agreement. You further declare and represent that no promise, inducement, or agreement not expressed in this agreement has been made.
  • A Fit Wellness, Adriana Albritton, or your coach reserve the right to refuse access to the service.

By proceeding with the program, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the above.

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