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When you’re first starting your fitness journey, stepping into the gym can be a bit daunting. The feeling of intimidation can be so strong that it may even stop you from stepping through those gym doors. But you’re not alone, and it’s helpful to think of all the others who’ve experienced this same feeling at one point. Take the first step into your fitness journey by challenging yourself to step through those gym doors. Here are a few tips on how to feel more confident in the gym to help you out.

Scope Out the Area

Before you arrive at the gym, it’s helpful to have a plan. In this case, make scoping out the gym part of your plan and routine. If you take the time to walk around the gym when you arrive, you can familiarize yourself with the different machines, see which areas are more crowded than others, and get a feel of the vibe the gym has going on. This will also help you determine if the gym you’re using is a good fit for you. Finding the right gym is sort of like dating—you either go great together or you don’t—but don’t let a bad experience stop you. There is a gym for everyone.

Dress To Impress

What you wear can have a huge influence on your confidence. If you wear clothes that you feel your best in, you’re going to feel your best at the gym as well. Take the time to find what kinds of colors, materials, and styles make you feel the most confident. Whether it’s a little black set that makes you feel sexy and strong or a sweatshirt-and-sweatpants combo that makes you feel good and secure, your confidence is what’s important.

Choose Your Workout Time Cautiously

This advice is key when you’re starting your fitness journey—one bad workout can steer you away completely. That’s why it’s important to figure out what time is the most appropriate for you to get in the gym. Once you’ve figured it out, stick to it so that you can create a routine for yourself. Having a routine will boost your confidence in the gym because you’ll know what to expect.

Are you a morning person? Early workouts will most likely be the most effective for you, and the gym tends to be less crowded in the early mornings. Do you have a 9-to-5? Hitting the gym after work and before dinner may be the most convenient for you. But be aware that this may be a hectic time at the gym. If you’re a night owl, there are plenty of gyms that are open 24 hours a day. Your first few attempts will be trials, but once you find a time that works, stick to it. Routine and time management will help you feel your best at the gym.

These three suggestions are the foundation for how you can feel more confident in the gym. Follow them with care, and once you got them down, you’ll be able to feel your absolute best when working out.

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