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Wheelchair users face challenges that not many able-bodied people can understand. For example, people who use wheelchairs may find it difficult to stay fit. After all, most gym equipment isn’t designed with a person’s disability in mind. However, not all hope is lost. Here are some helpful tips for staying healthy as a wheelchair user. These individuals can get into great shape with a few adjustments that make exercising and eating right a little easier.

Wheelchair-Friendly Exercises

People with physical impairments can be just as active as able-bodied folks; their exercise routine will just look a little different. Those who are confined to their chairs should consider exercises that’ll strengthen their upper bodies. People ought to purchase some dumbbells if they can hold them. Another option that’s not as strenuous is to purchase a resistance band. Fitness-lovers can tie these bands to different areas of the house to get a great arm workout. Plus, the tools are super simple to use, so they’re excellent for anyone who has trouble lifting heavier objects.

Some people with a physical limitation can still walk. Anyone who can move around should make that a priority. It’s best if these folks build up their endurance over time. Perhaps start by walking a few minutes every day and add more time as the weeks progress. It’s also wise if individuals have a person there to spot them if they’re unsteady on their feet.

Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Another tip for staying healthy as a wheelchair user is to maintain a healthy diet. People with disabilities may have a harder time burning calories than able-bodied individuals. Thus, eating nutritious meals is even more important. Those who use wheelchairs should consider making more meals at home. These people ought to consider asking their support system for help in the kitchen if needed. Luckily, there are plenty of healthy and easy-to-make dishes out there. Wheelchair users can make a winter green salad or a one-pan Moroccan couscous chicken if they want something spicy. The recipe is simple to follow and cooks relatively quickly.

There’s no reason that people with physical disabilities can’t be fit. If these individuals adapt to their circumstances, they can lead healthy lifestyles. Things may be challenging at first, but those challenges will get easier over time if they commit to a routine.

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