Got Goals? Hopefully the new year served to give you a reset and reignited your goals and dreams. Yet, you don’t seem to be able to get started?? Sometimes, it seems like it takes a great amount of time and energy getting the ball rolling.

Now, it’s time to set in motion all your projects and and set sight onto your targets. Maybe it’s time to get your body in the ideal state and your health back on track. Or to start that business you always dreamed of.. Or to ask for that raise and promotion!

So, let’s say that you are all set up and ready to achieve your goals. You already have a defined goal, a plan of action and are ready to go … But how do you really get moving??

The following are a few tips that will help mobilize you:

  • Put on paper your Desired Outcome: Writing down your ideal results, seeing yourself all-accomplished, can make things more achievable since you are already visualizing your success.
  • Set up Reminders: If you feel that you really need it, you can set up a reminded on your phone with a keyword that triggers your mind to stay on track.
  • Contribute to a Desired Mindset: Start and end your day with the right messages in mind. Read, listen or view positive, motivational, uplifting or relaxing materials. Do Not start or end your day with the news or any other sources of negativity.
  • Supply needed Nutrients to your Body: Hydrate properly and feed your body a healthy diet — wholesome foods (veggies, fruits, lean proteins, and good fats) and supplements.
  • Keep your Body in Motion: Exercise (lift weights and perform cardiovascular exercises) and stretch most days out of the week.
  • Eliminate: Remove habits and people that are not conducive to the accomplishment of your goals.
  • Be Prepared: Plan the following day so you don’t take detours.
  • Adapt: Not everything happens according to plan. When things don’t go your way, be ready with a plan B.

The goal is irrelevant. Whichever goal you have in mind, the time to go after it is now!!!

Plans and goals must be followed by ACTION, Massive Action!! Otherwise they’ll remain on a dream realm and totally out of reach.


To a Healthier Leaner You,

Adriana Albritton

The Fitness Wellness Mentor

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