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Whether it’s the health of the body or the reduction of stress, a massage can improve many health-related aspects. There are many different types of massages, and each is effective at solving different problems with the body. Here we talk about some popular types of massages and their benefits.

Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage method is so common that it has been used in the design of many massage chairs. The in-person massage usually features some form of oil or lotion applied to the skin using five different types of strokes. Usually starting out with large areas and long strokes, the massage therapist will then focus on problem areas using different techniques. This form of massage can reduce pain and alleviate stress in clients.

Deep-Tissue Massage

This massage type targets the inner parts of the muscles and tendons to relieve the tension that has built up there. A deep-tissue massage has the same goals in mind as the Swedish massage in terms of pain relief. However, it relieves pain with more forceful strokes designed to work all the way to the bone and tendons. This style can help people with “knots” or chronic pain in joints or muscles.

Shiatsu Massage

This is a Japanese massage style that uses rhythmic pressure from fingers or hands to massage the muscles to alleviate pain. The shiatsu massage does not use oil like the Swedish or deep-tissue massage. This means you can keep your clothing on during the massage, as it doesn’t get in the way. This massage can stimulate calm and relieve headaches. It’s also meant to relieve muscle tension.

Sports Massage

Athletes have used the sports massage for many years to help their bodies heal from injury and to gain flexibility. The muscles are worked to promote healing, and by working on elasticity in the muscles, the massage can even prevent future injury. This type of massage is very useful for people who suffer from arthritis and repeated stress injury, as it can alleviate both.

Now, as we have covered some of the popular types of massages and their benefits, it’s important to know where one might go for these services. You can readily find massage therapists in places such as malls, gyms, and spas. However, with COVID-19, it might be hard to find a place that’s open. Fortunately, tools such as massage chairs and foam balls can provide various types of massages at home.

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