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The opportunity to celebrate all fathers is here!! Happy Father’s Day

Besides being a celebratory occasion, it can be a time for introspection.   Why?   Well, being a father is much more than just being able to inseminate someone and contribute to the creation of a being.  Anyone can do that….okay, almost anyone. However, not anyone can be a father!

We all want the best for our children. We want them to be happy, healthy and successful. However, it is not about how much money you bring to the table that makes you a good father. It is not about how sharp you look. And it is not necessarily about the amount of time you spend with them either. It’s all about quality!

Being a parent, in this case a father, is one of the most important roles in life. Your conduct and relationship dynamics have a tremendous impact on your child’s life. It’s all about the actions that you take and the life that you live.  The sum of all that has the ability to help mold a great individual or contribute to some of his or her downfalls. Remember, “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Just like any other celebratory occasion, this could be a chance to reflect…    No worries, you won’t be evaluated and given a passing or failing score…lol.


  • Are your actions exemplary to the little individuals at home?
  • Would you be proud if your children imitate your actions?
  • What if they end up living the same life you live?
  • Are you instilling good values?
  • Are you confident that when they go out into the world they are going to treat others properly?

Happy Father's Day

  • Are you letting them get away with anything and everything?
  • Are you allowing them to experience negative consequences for their negative actions?
  • Or, on the other spectrum, do they hear from you that they don’t measure up, that they aren’t good enough?
  • Are you putting them down or are you lifting them up?
  • Are you taking care of YOUR body?
  • Do your kids know the relevance of valuing their physical state?
  • Are you giving your body all the nutrients it needs? Are you providing lots of veggies, fruits, good fats, lean proteins and water?
  • Or are you damaging your body by regularly drinking and eating junk food?
  • Are you keeping your body active allowing it to be strong and fluid?
  • Or are you spending a lot of time on the couch?


  • When spending time, are you being present and connecting with them?
  • Or are you just sharing the same space but not engaging?
  • Are you hearing from them updates from their lives?

It is not about perfection. That’s unattainable!   It is about being able to be an example to be followed … It’s about trying to do your best, assessing yourself, acknowledging when wrong and changing … It’s about being mindful of anything that deteriorates your state, your energy and your mood.  And correcting the situation accordingly.

Maybe this is an opportunity to strengthen that bond. If the bond has been broken or is non-existent, maybe it’s time to start trying to forge a meaningful connection with your children. If you have contributed to that broken relationship, maybe it is time to apologize, let them know how sorry you are and ask for a chance to move forward.

Just like new children are born everyday… new days are born everyday. And with them, the opportunity for new beginnings!


To a Fitter Healthier You,


The Fitness Wellness Mentor

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