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Although collecting lapel pins contradicts the ethics of contemporary trends imposed by technological advancement, the truth is utterly different. Enamel pins are very popular today and remain one of the favorite pastimes of many people. If you’re wondering why you like collecting lapel pins as much as you do, or if you’re looking for a way to get someone interested in a hobby you find amazing, look no further! Below you’ll find some reasons to collect lapel pins as a hobby.

A Perfect Accessory

You can decorate your lapel with a new, one-of-a-kind pin. Lapel pins are the perfect accessory. Wearing them is a great way to always look unique and add a special touch to any outfit. This is important because what you wear affects your self-perception and your performance. It is also an individualized way to express yourself.

You can also make it and have fun by adding to your own personal set. It’s noteworthy that wearing a trendy pin will make you stand out wherever you go. However, once people start to take notice of you, it’s important to keep up the good work to uphold your newfound reputation. A great way to do this is by collecting lapel pins.

Endless Possibilities For Your Collection

Another reason to collect lapel pins is that there are unlimited possibilities when it comes to creating a collection. Of course, certain pins belong to official collections and some are designed to commemorate a special event, like a holiday or sports tournament, but you can make any custom settings you want. If you’re a baseball fan, for example, dedicating some time to collecting lapel pins from different teams and seasons can be really rewarding. And if music is more your thing, doing the same with memorabilia related to your favorite band or genre can be just as great.

The opportunities are endless, and it’s up to you where you want to focus your attention. The one thing that is certain is that no matter what you choose, you’ll have more than enough material to enjoy yourself. If you can’t find the specific style of lapel pin that you want, don’t worry! You have the option to create your own custom design. And depending on what kind of material you want your lapel pin to be made out of, you can choose between soft or hard enamel.

It’s Quite Affordable

Lapel pins are relatively inexpensive to collect compared to other hobbies, making them a great option for anyone looking to start a collection. To begin collecting, you just need a few dollars and a good attitude. Over time, your collection will become more valuable. While some enamel pins are quite expensive, money alone won’t get you access to them. You might even end up making a profit off of your pins if you’re lucky. The point is, you don’t need to be wealthy to enjoy this hobby.

In fact, some manufacturers of enamel pins even give out free pins to customers as an incentive to join their collector’s club. It gets better. No matter your budget, you can find something that suits your taste on By investing a small amount of money, you can get high-quality lapel pins to add to your collection and bring it up a notch!

Meet New People

If you’re a social butterfly, then collecting enamel pins might be the perfect way for you to travel and meet new friends. This is an added reason to collect lapel pins as a hobby. You can visit different places and events where you can easily obtain new pins to enlarge your collection. However, if traveling and going to events is not your thing, you can still enlarge your collection while making some online buddies in the process. There are many people who enjoy collecting lapel pins as much as you do online.

Whatever way you socialize, meeting new people is always positive. You can even encourage a loved one and get them into enamel pin collecting. Everyone is friendly, you just need to know how to make them aware of that. Use lapel pins as a way to get their attention and show interest.

The Increasing Value

Because enamel pins are collectibles, their value only goes up as time passes. It all depends on the particular lapel pin you might have and how much someone is willing to pay for it. The value of a collector’s item is often determined by standards such as rarity, demand, and age. It’s also significant to note that if you have more than one piece of memorabilia, it will be cherished and therefore worth more if you ever choose to sell them. Therefore, it’s reasonable to say that the perfected collections are more valuable than the ones that aren’t.

In addition to making extra money by collecting and selling pins, you can exchange them. You don’t have to sell your enamel pins exclusively for money. You can also trade your duplicates or the pins you don’t want/need with others who share the same passion.

It is Suitable for Everybody

It’s never too late to start collecting lapel pins, so don’t worry if you think you’re too old for this hobby. At lapel pins conventions, you will find people of all ages. You can even start collecting for your little one before they reach an age where they could understand how fun it might be. Many enamel pin collectors started their collections when they were young, and now cherish their rare pins. You too can make your youngster a proud owner of a rare piece by starting their collection for them while they are still young.

Hopefully, the aforementioned examples have helped you ignite your passion to collect lapel pins as a hobby or help you justify your collection. Or, if someone close to you has been resistant to joining your pin collection venture, perhaps now you have what it takes to persuade them. Either way, collecting pins can be nothing but pure fun. If you aren’t already collecting lapel pins, we think it’s about time you start! This evergreen hobby is not only incredibly rewarding, but it is also worth every second of your time. Trust us, once you start collecting lapel pins, you’ll be hooked for life.

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