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Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are spherical legumes with chunky centers perfect for any meal. These mini beans pack a nutritional punch as well. They’re chock full of fiber, plant-based protein, iron, calcium, and magnesium—all of which promote physical health and wellbeing. Due to their fibrous, protein-filled nature, chickpeas are great for anyone who needs to control their satiety.

While knowing the benefits of chickpeas is one thing, finding genius and tasty ways to use chickpeas in your diet is quite another. Check out these fantastic recipe ideas and recommendations.

Chickpea Curries

Indian cuisine is full of tasty, vegetable-filled goodness. A great way to enjoy chickpeas in your diet is with a chickpea curry like chana masala or chana saag. This tomato-based curry boasts a variegated spice palate with ingredients like jalapeno peppers, garam masala, coriander, cumin, turmeric, and cayenne pepper. The best part is there are dozens of variations to try, including vegan options.

Chickpea Soups and Salads

If you want to add a healthy boost to your diet, try incorporating chickpea soup or salad into your day. Dishes like roasted garlic and tomato chickpea soup or Moroccan spiced chickpea soup are sure to provide a flavorful blast of health.

Who said salads need a bed of leaves? Chickpea salads shatter the status quo and give you your favorite veggies served atop a rolling mound of garbanzo beans. Mediterranean or Greek chickpea salads are wonderful recipes that bring all the freshness you could want in a filling salad.

Chickpea Desserts

Who doesn’t love a tasty and healthy dessert? Well, you’ve got to try all the sweet-tooth takes on blended chickpeas. The best flavor combination for chickpeas is chocolate, as it complements their beany, nutty flavor. One of the best chocolate-chickpea creations is sprouted chocolate dessert hummus. This dippable flavor explosion is perfect for finishing your meal.

Keep these genius and tasty ways to use chickpeas in your diet in mind as you build your next meal plan. With a plateful of these little legumes, you can promote physical and mental health on your journey to optimal fitness.

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