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When people go to work each day, they don’t expect their jobs to make them feel ill, nor would they assume their work is highly likely to cause them life-changing injuries or worse. Yet, that’s precisely what happens to some people each year. You’re probably reading this because you feel that your job isn’t the best for your health and wellbeing. But you’re not so sure that you’re simply blowing things out of proportion. The following illustrates different ways your job is damaging your health.

1. You Spend More Time at Work Than at Home

One of the ways your job is damaging your health is the numerous hours involved. Do you find that you work extraordinarily long hours each day? Perhaps you’re typically the first person to get to work and the last to leave? Also, do you often work on weekends? If the answer to any or all those questions is yes, you need a new career.

Spending too much time working means you spend less with your family and friends. At the same time, you are probably not engaging in activities that help keep you healthy, such as exercise and relaxation. Plus, your mental health may be taking a nosedive. It’s not worth sacrificing most of your time working, especially if your employer doesn’t seem that interested in your dedication to your work.

2. Injuries Are Common at Your Workplace

Have you noticed that most of your co-workers end up getting injured, usually through no fault of their own, while conducting their work? Are injuries so commonplace finding the right injury lawyer is now second nature to many of your colleagues and former co-workers?

The sad truth is that such a workplace sounds very dangerous and your employer is potentially not taking the right steps to ensure the health and safety of his workforce. If that sounds like your workplace, you need to leave before you become the latest statistic.

3. You Get Exposed to Toxic Chemicals

Another way your job is damaging your health is the level of chemical exposure. Employers must do as much as reasonably possible to diminish the chances of their staff getting ill or injured during the course of their duties. However, that’s not always 100% possible in certain occupations.

If part of your job involves getting exposed to toxic chemicals, preventing inhalation or exposure to them might not always be possible. For that reason alone, you should seriously consider looking for a less dangerous occupation.

After all, the last thing you want to happen is to end up with permanent respiratory problems or even develop diseases and cancers. Getting a desk job, for example, is considerably safer than one where you handle toxic chemicals all the time.

4. You Snack on Unhealthy Food

It’s not unusual for people to eat snacks while they are doing their work. Workers might feel hungry between meals and need something light to eat until their lunch breaks. Unfortunately, some people end up snacking on unhealthy food because of its availability.

For example, your workplace might have many vending machines offering unhealthy processed food, perhaps even for free. The temptation to avoid these foods can be too great to resist, resulting in an unhealthy workplace habit.

5. Intense Stress Is Unavoidable

Do you have an occupation where it felt rewarding at first, but now you almost dread going to work each day due to the intense stress it causes? If the answer’s yes, that stress can negatively impact your mental and physical health in a significant way.

The financial rewards of a job aren’t worth it if you end up becoming depressed, angry, ill, and generally dislike your life. You should consider a job that doesn’t cause such detriment to your mental health and helps you have a better quality of life.

6. You Always Come Home in Agony

One more way your job is damaging your health is its impact on your body. You may have a job that doesn’t cause significant injuries as such, but your role demands a lot of physical activity. If your job causes you to come home in agony each evening and you permanently consume painkillers, you need to look for a less physically exhaustive position. Even if you know how to lift heavy objects correctly, you could potentially cause irreversible damage to your body by doing the same types of heavy lifting each day.

7. Recovery From Illnesses Takes a Long Time

Last but not least, some people have jobs where they get exposed to all kinds of illnesses and bacteria. Examples include nurses, doctors, care home staff, and laboratory technicians. 

Do you have such an occupation? Plus, do you find it takes a very long time to recover from minor illnesses like the common cold? If the answer to both questions is yes, you need to consider a job that doesn’t constantly expose you to such unhealthy environments.

As you can see there are tell-tale signs showing how your position is not favorable and that you should seriously consider a career change as soon as possible. If you experience any of the above seven ways your job is damaging your health is time to take action.

To a Fitter Healthier You,

Adriana Albritton

The Fitness Wellness Mentor

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