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Are you having good days? You should know that the way you start your morning can have an impact on the rest of your day. Many times, feeling good in the morning helps you feel good throughout the day. If you are not feeling your best, you need to switch up your lifestyle habits and make your morning count. Let’s look at six healthy ways to start your day!

Every morning you wake up and you stick to the same routines. Teeth brushed, clothes on, coffee on, out the door, and go to work. Let’s be honest, there’s not much that’s exciting about getting up early just because your workday starts early. But if you start your morning strong, you’re going to feel fantastic all day long. You can put in place daily habits that can keep you on a healthy track but you should focus on the beginning of the day.

Start with Music

Whether you are adding your smartphone to a docking station or you’re putting on the radio, starting the day with a bouncy song or two is bound to get you feeling pumped. Those protein smoothies will be blasted in the blender with a bounce to your hips, and you will feel good immediately. Music is therapy and it reduces stress, giving you a positive outlook on life all at the same time.

Get in the Shower

Another healthy way to start your day is by taking a shower. This can be invigorating in the morning. Waking up with warm water helps to loosen your muscles and make your skin wake up to the day. After a few minutes, you can blast cold water over your whole body for as long as you can stand it. Cold showers improve circulation, give your endorphins a boost, and even accelerate your metabolism.

Have Something to Drink

If you consume hot beverages in the morning, you can add a cold drink. Drinking cold water boosts your metabolism, hydrates you, and helps remove toxins from the body. You can also have caffeinated drinks such as coffee or tea because they stimulate your central nervous system. Green tea is a great choice since it has antioxidants and numerous health benefits as well.

Another great morning can start by using Activated You powder blend, which is full of antioxidants, probiotics, and nutrients. These superfoods help improve your digestive health and overall immunity, boost energy levels, and elevate your overall wellness. Just make sure to read Activated You reviews to increase your understanding of the product and know what consumers are saying about it.

Whatever your drink of preference is, make sure to avoid sugar, artificial sweeteners, or milk – so you don’t add unnecessary calories to your day. Cold water and a caffeinated drink are the perfect combination. Both wake your body and your brain and they are a great kickstart to the day!


This is not for everyone but a healthy way to start your day is by having a heathy meal. Breakfast is a delicious meal that can help you get started. You can find balance with delicious eggs and veggies, a protein-loaded smoothie, or whatever it is that you love the most. Yet, avoid simple carbs (white bread, pastries, conventional cereals). They can make you crash mid-day. Your body can feel more stimulated in the morning when you have a great breakfast, and you will be thanking yourself for the energy boost!


Affirmations are carefully formatted statements that you can write down and repeat regularly. A short, sharp affirmation in the morning is going to really ensure that you feel fantastic without taking much effort or time. You can say them as you get ready to boost your mental health for the day.

For affirmations to be effective, you should keep them positive, personal, specific, and in the present tense. You can find some great affirmations online and even stick them to your bathroom mirror or somewhere you can see them regularly.

Go for a Walk

Set your alarm half an hour early and head out in the early morning air for a brisk walk. If you have a beach or a park nearby, head there for some early morning nature therapy so you can breathe in that fresh air and take some sunlight. This practice can be a great reminder that you’re alive and that you should be grateful. This can be a celebratory time!

Let’s incorporate the above tips for waking up and getting going the right way. Putting into practice some of these six healthy ways to start your day can allow for a positive morning and a right setup for an incredible day.

To a Fitter Healthier You,

Adriana Albritton

The Fitness Wellness Mentor

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