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An Integrative Approach: Our bodies, minds, and environments are complex which is why we should approach our lives and our goals in an integrative holistic way. This approach allows us to remain healthy and tackle efficiently whatever life throws at us.

Listen to my interview with Narado Zeco Powell at The Zeco Health Show where we discuss some common public concerns related to weight loss, the immune system, the microbiome, and mental health.

I addressed the following topics:

  • The importance of having goals and enjoying the journey
  • Cultivating a healthy internal environment
  • Staple foods to lose weight & stay healthy
  • Common mistakes when aiming to lose body fat
  • Challenges related to the new Covid-19 environment
  • The importance of taking control of your health and strengthening your immune system
  • Stress management and mindset
  • Practices to be happier and healthier
  • Incorporating a holistic approach

Learn more about how to achieve your goals long-term by incorporate a holistic approach with my book 28 Days to a New Life, which addresses nutrition, fitness, stress, and mindset.

To a Healthier Fitter You,

Adriana Albritton

The Fitness Wellness Mentor

FitnAll is for individuals who want to be fit and lose body fat. Fitness, health, and wellness tips aim to keep people healthy. Adriana Albritton is recognized as one of the top fitness bloggers in NY, a certified personal trainer and fitness nutritionist, and has experience in fitness competitions. She is committed to encouraging people towards a healthy lifestyle with concrete tips, on her blog and book 28 Days to a New Life, to help them make changes inside and out. Adriana provides the solutions and comprehensive integrated programs to help people stay lean and healthy.

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