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Myofascial release therapy which is a therapy used during a massage is highly advantageous for your body. The manipulation of myofascial tissue and trigger points can, not only, produce stunning physiological responses but psychological ones as well. A massage can be a powerful self-care tool. Read on to learn more about massages, massage gun’s benefits, and how to use a massage gun.

Benefits of Massages

Before getting into the benefits of massage guns, let’s learn about myofascial release therapy. Research has shown that massage therapy helps reduce pain and inflammation. It has a positive impact on sleep quality and anxiety by decreasing cortisol levels. It improves circulation, blood flow, and physical function. Additionally, massaging can have detoxing effects as it supports your body’s internal filtration system, helping keep your immunity in check.

Massages are extremely beneficial for athletes and gym-goers. They can help break up scar tissue, lengthen muscles, prevent muscle soreness, increase muscular recovery, discard lactic acid, and promote oxygen and nutrient flow into tissues. Massages can also incite a feeling of renewal and overall well-being.

Despite all the valuable effects associated with massages, a trip to a massage therapist can be challenging for many reasons ⤵️

  • Due to our hectic lives, scheduling a massage can be difficult due to availability.
  • Traveling back and forth to the wellness center/massage parlor and waiting to be seen to get a massage can be time-consuming.
  • Visits to a massage therapist add up and can become a pricy expense over time.

Massage Gun’s Benefits

Fortunately, nowadays we are lucky to have diverse tools that allow us to perform our own massage in order to keep our bodies healthy. Self‐myofascial release (SMR) is the idea of using a tool for self-massage.

Common SMR tools include foam rollers, roller sticks, and massage guns. One of my go-to SMR tools is the massage gun. As the name says, it’s a gun-like instrument designed to provide a massage, which has benefits similar to those of a massage. 

The following are some of the benefits associated with massage guns based on research:

  • Helps reduce soreness, muscle tightness, and perceived pain
  • Promote an increase in range of motion
  • Assist in the elimination of muscle knots
  • Helps prevent spasms and cramps by decreasing lactic acid build-up
  • Improves blood flow and healing
  • Facilitates the correction of musculoskeletal function 
  • Increases flexibility 
  • Enhances joint range of motion (ROM) and muscle performance.

Opove Apex Massage Gun

The latest massage gun I have been using is Opove Apex. It’s cordless and has a 15-minute auto-off feature to protect your body and the device.

Here are some of the advantages of using Opove Apex:

  • Efficient: It has 6 differently shaped massage heads to massage different body parts and to apply different presure. There is a large round head for large muscles, a thin pointy one for deep tissue, a rubbery head for sensitive areas, a 2-prong head for longer muscles, a flat head meant for a more relaxing experience, and a more rectangular head.
  • Powerful: It has 3 speed settings that provides different intensities, ranging from 1800 to 2700 percussions per minute and a rapid bursts of pressure provides up to 14.5mm of amplitude working back and forth.
  • Versitile: The handle is ergonomically designed and easy-hold so that you can hit hard-to-reach spots.
  • Easy to Operate: All you have to do is choose a massage head, attach it, turn it on, adjust the level, place it an inch close to the desired area to be massaged, and let it do its job.
  • Convenient: You don’t need to rely on other people’s schedules to get your massage done. You can self-massage anywhere, anytime.
  • Portable: You can take the massage gun anywhere as it’s light and not very big. It is around 10 x 6 in, weighs only 2.3 lbs, and has a stylish carrying case making it easy to transport.
  • Rechargeable: The massage gun has a rechargeable battery that works up to 3.5 hours of use per full charge and it takes around 2.5 – 3 hours to charge.
  • Quiet: Being such a power tool, you would think it is super loud but only reaches 49- 61 decibels. This means that you can use it without bothering those around you.

How to Use Massage Gun

Now that you learned a bit about massage gun’s benefits, you can watch the following video to see how to use a massage gun so you can start doing some self‐myofascial release:

If you are ready to start using OPOVE APEX self-massage tool, click on the button below:

Now that you learned more about the benefits of massaging your body, you can get a self‐myofascial release tool such as a massage gun and put it to use to get all the benefits associated with myofascial release therapy. Massage gun’s benefits are seen and felt all throughout your body, a tool proven to be very valuable for active people.

To a Healthier Fitter You,

Adriana Albritton

The Fitness Wellness Mentor

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