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Whether you are a fitness newbie or a fitness junkie, a change in your daily routine can wreak havoc on your healthy lifestyle. Vacations and road trips can make it especially hard to keep your healthy lifestyle and can be a driving force in falling out of your routine. They can also make it harder to jump back on the bandwagon when you return home. Here are a few tips on how to stay healthy on a road trip.   

Pack Smart Foods  

It can be hard to find healthy food options when most of your stops are at gas stations or roadside restaurants. Think ahead and prepare a cooler with healthy snacks such as carrot sticks, string cheese, or apple slices to give your body the necessary nutrients you won’t find in a greasy fast-food cheeseburger. Healthy snack options can also help you control boredom-induced eating on the road. Along with healthy food items, be sure to stay hydrated during your trip and pack plenty of extra water.   

Get Moving  

Depending on how far you’re venturing, you may be inclined to grind out the long drive without stopping. However, this can mean hours of sitting stagnant in the car. Try to plan a few pitstops along the way where you can get out and stretch or even go for a short walk to get your blood flowing. When you’ve reached your destination, plan something active to do every day. Going for a nightly walk, planning a time to hit the gym in the morning, or even doing a quick ab workout at night can keep your body and mind active so you can return to your regular exercise routine after the trip.

Manage Stress  

Road trips can be stressful. With unexpected traffic delays and all the different types of drivers on the road, you never know what to expect. Stress can negatively impact our physical and mental health, which is why it’s a smart move to prepare for your road trip stress ahead of time. Create a travel plan that scopes out all the possible high-traffic or construction areas to give yourself an idea of what’s to come. Creating a playlist of music and podcasts can be another great way to destress in the car and give your mind something else to think about. Even a quick pitstop to call a trusted friend can be a great mental break from the road ahead.   

Packing smart snacks, finding ways to stay active, and managing stress are some of the best ways to stay healthy on your next road trip.

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