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How healthy are you? Going to the gym every day and eating a healthy balanced diet are great stepping stones, for the most part. But if you are neglecting other areas of your life, chances are you won’t feel the full benefit from your good diet and regular exercise. This post looks at some different ways on how to improve your health and wellbeing in 4 simple steps.

A healthy lifestyle needs to incorporate many different things and address specific areas within your life to allow your body not to be as supported and nourished as possible. Mind, body, and soul, as they say.

Focus on Long Term, Not Instant Gratification

There are many more things we would often like to be doing rather than working longer on a job that requires concentration, going to the gym, or preparing dinner at home. Sometimes you need to relax, watch a movie or a show, meet a friend for dinner, etc. Quick fixes are alluring, but they should not come at the expense of long-term ambitions, especially those that help you increase your self-esteem while also helping you make progress in the direction of your goals. So indulge in what makes you happy but make sure it is balanced with your goals and doesn’t derail all of the hard work you are putting in.

Quit Bad Habits

Bad habits often become more of a comfort thing, and we all know how challenging it can be to break bad habits. If you want to Ditch bad habits, you need to first identify why you do it and what it makes you feel like when you are most likely to succumb to doing it.

Then you can work out an action plan to slowly break the bad habit by giving yourself other options and planning for those times when you know you need to fix or not indulge in that behavior. Bad habits are easy to make, and generally, it can take over 60 days to break them, so don’t expect instant results and keep working towards this goal.

Develop Good Morning and Bedtime Routines

How you feel upon waking after a night’s sleep can impact your whole day. Being more organized for an evening and preparing yourself for a good night’s sleep can help you feel ready to face the next day when you wake up. 

Set time goals to help you become more efficient and productive. Such as reading for 20 minutes before bed. Or not using electronics in the bedroom, down to giving yourself time limits for choosing outfits, or making morning decisions such as whether or not you want to work out before or after work and so on. Identify areas that waste your time and energy and fix them by being strict on yourself and creating a positive and easy morning and bedtime routine.

Eliminate Distractions

We are all distracted at all times, and this encroaches on your concentration and productivity. How often do you check your phone or allow yourself to become distracted by what is going on around you? Removing distractions from your day can help you focus more and get the job at hand completed quicker and easier. Some people thrive with a lot of noise and commotion, but if you find this detrimental to your energy levels and focus, you need to eliminate them to allow you to get things done.

To a Fitter Healthier You,

Adriana Albritton

The Fitness Wellness Mentor

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