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Many gyms across the country require you to wear a face mask, but you might also have to wear one at home if you have a personal trainer come over. Regardless of your situation, it’s no secret wearing a face mask can present a new challenge when you are exercising. Luckily, several companies have come out with face masks to keep you safe and comfortable as you break a sweat. Here are the best face masks for exercising during COVID you should consider.

Under Armor Sportsmask

Under Armor’s face mask is among the best with which to work out. The Sportsmask comes in a variety of different colors and sizes, but more importantly, it’s designed for athletes with lightweight fabric allowing for better airflow and comfort. If you’re interested in the Under Armor Sportsmask, get your hands on one before it sells out. ($30)

Adidas Face Cover

The brand with the three strips produced their own face mask with training in mind. Adidas’ face mask is made from recycled materials, built for snugness, and is reusable. The Adidas Face Cover comes in black and blue colors with different sizes available. (three-pack for $20)

Rebook Face Cover

Sticking with the Adidas company umbrella, Rebook has also jumped on the face mask bandwagon. The Rebook Face Cover is very similar to the one Adidas offers, with comfort, reusability, and is made from recycled materials. Rebook’s face mask comes with its iconic logo branded on black fabric. (three-pack for $30)

Athleta Made to Move Mask

Athleta has also created a face mask of their own for people to remain active while protecting themselves from COVID-19. Athleta’s Made to Move mask comes with two layers, one on the outside of polyester spandex, and the other on the inside layer of polyester mesh. Some other unique features of the face mask is that it comes with a plastic boning at the center to keep the fabric off your mouth and an adjustable head strap for maximum comfort. The facemask comes in three packs of agate purple, canyon red, and flora, in addition to oceanic teal, becca blue, and serendipity. (three-pack for $25)

Champion Face Mask

Champion also offers one of the best face masks for exercising during COVID-19 that’s still available online at a great price. Champion’s face mask offers two layers of coverage, lightweight features X-Temp technology, reusable for 20 washes, and has the classic Champion “C” on the left side. Champion’s face mask is available in one size with the choice of black, khaki, or navy. ($5)

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