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There have been numerous red flags associated with COVID-19 “vaccines.” Data shows that these experimental shots are not as safe or effective as they have been portrayed to be. Their efficacy is virtually non-existent and their risk-benefit ratio shows them to be more harmful than beneficial. Additionally, we are uncovering deep and widespread levels of FDA corruption behind COVID-19 “vaccines.”

FDA Covering Up for Big Pharma

Pharmaceutical companies have refused to be transparent about COVID-19 shots’ ingredients and clinical trial data despite the fact that they received billions from taxpayers’ money (Moderna developed its shots in partnership with the U.S. government & Pfizer received $1.95 billion for development, $15.7 B to purchase it, and $18.75 B for marketing).

This is nothing new since pharmaceutical companies have long rap sheets. Pfizer has paid $10,268,633,525 in the past 20 years settling lawsuits due to engaging in drug safety violations, unapproved promotions, false claims, corrupt practices, kickbacks, and bribery.

At this point, a lack of transparency from Big Pharma is not expected. However, public health agencies, such as the CDC and FDA, should be ethical. The role of these agencies is to protect public health and regulate corporations but they have abandoned their role. The Food and Drug Administration should be ensuring the safety and efficacy of vaccines, drugs, and products available on the market but it’s not fulfilling this role.

The FDA has ceased to be a public health agency aiming to protect Americans. The FDA covered up the connection between myocarditis and COVID-19 shotsFOIA’d emails revealed that they knew of this dangerous side-effect and denied it. They told the public, “To date, FDA and CDC have not seen any new safety signals for myocarditis following administration of any of the authorized COVID-19 vaccines.”

Pfizer Cover-Up

Pfizer and the FDA have been obfuscating information related to Pfizer COVID-19 “vaccine.” As a consequence, in September 2021, Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (PHMPT) took the FDA to court in order to get data that should be public. After being sued, the FDA requested 75 years to release Pfizer documents, which is an unreasonable request.

Data from pharmaceutical companies is crucial since it can allow other scientists to assess unbiasedly the pharmaceutical companies’ claims of safety and efficacy. This information is supposed to be available to all Americans since these shots are being recommended and even mandated for some.  Attorney Aaron Siri, representing PHMPT, stated:

It is dystopian for the government to give Pfizer billions, mandate Americans to take its product, prohibit Americans from suing for harms, but yet refuse to let Americans see the data underlying its licensure…The lesson yet again is that civil and individual rights should never be contingent upon a medical procedure.

In March 2022, the court ordered the FDA to release approximately 12,000 pages of documents immediately, and then 55,000 pages of documentation per month until all documents are released. It’s unbelievable that this public agency has to be sued to do what they are obligated to do.

Fortunately, the judicial system is helping uncover some of Pfizer documents that the FDA already had:

  • A document that Pfizer had given the FDA and was ordered to produce in court is the Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Report. It reveals information related to adverse events taking place after the inoculation of the COVID-19 shot. The report reveals that 1223 participants died in the first three months of the clinical trials after receiving the COVID-19 shot. This is outrageous since it’s common practice to remove a pharmaceutical from the market if 50 people have died from it during clinical trials. It also has 9 pages of possible side effects related to the shot.
  • Here is a presentation on the clinical trial data and other information found on Pfizer documents. Despite the alarming information, the FDA not only didn’t stop the vaccine rollout but hid the data.

Moderna Cover-Up

The FDA has not only been protecting Pfizer, but they also haven’t done their job in relation to the Moderna COVID-19 “vaccine.” The FDA seems to just repeat the statements that Moderna made regarding conclusions associated with the safety and effectiveness of their “vaccine.”

In the Basis for Regulatory Action Summary, the FDA claimed that there were “no vaccine-related fetal malformations or variations and no adverse effects on postnatal development were observed” in the study. However, the study that Moderna presented showed that ”mother rats lost fur after vaccine administration, persisting for several days,” and rat pups developed skeletal malformations (”wavy ribs appeared in 6 fetuses and 4 litters with a fetal prevalence of 4.03% and a litter prevalence of 18.2%; rib nodules appeared in 5 of those 6 fetuses”).

The FDA also provided authorizations for Moderna despite that documents submitted by Moderna were incomplete, showed alarming safety signals, and didn’t exhibit good laboratory practices. Documents had several versions and formulations of their product, instead of just one, and studies cited involved other viruses.

Additionally, documents show another mRNA product that was associated with the antibody-dependent-enhancement (ADE). ADE is a vaccine-associated phenomenon where induced antibodies from the vaccine enhance infection and inflammatory macrophages and result in more severe pathology for those taking the “vaccine. The FDA knew about the risk of disease enhancement and dismissed this dangerous phenomenon.

Evidence of Previous FDA Corruption

Evidence of FDA corruption behind COVID-19 “vaccines” is vast. However, corruption within this agency is old news. This regulatory agency has been depraved for decades.

  • In 2013, the Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics presented evidence of the FDA’s corruption. They reported that between 1964 and 1995, 128,000 deaths and 2.7 million Americans were hospitalized annually due to experiencing severe adverse reactions from taking medications as prescribed. Even though pharmaceuticals had been approved as safe, they were not. Additionally, about 90% of new FDA-approved drugs in the past 30 years have shown to be “minimally or not more effective than existing drugs.”
  • On November 3, 2022, the FDA director released some videos promoting vaccines and boosters. These “promotional materials” advertised and promoted COVID-19 “vaccines.” Yet, promotional materials are required to contain certain language since these shots were rolled out under the emergency use authorization (EUA). Materials about COVID-19 shots must state that they haven’t been approved or licensed by FDA as safe or effective, but are authorized for emergency use. They also need to state that “the emergency use of these products is only authorized for the duration” of the declared emergency. The FDA is in violation of the EUA terms.

As you can see the pattern is pervasive. The FDA knew from the start that COVID-19 shots were causing serious adverse events and did nothing about it. Publicizing this information would have prompted a pause in the vaccine program which is why they were hiding the data.

To top it off, the FDA continues to promote and market these experimental shots as if they have been approved as safe and effective. Take a look at in-depth information related to the clinical trials and documents submitted to the FDA by Pfizer and Moderna.

Why is the FDA Refusing to Share COVID-19 “Vaccines” Data?

This regulatory institution wants to hide the data from the companies it has to regulate because it shows alarming facts. Corrupt practices at the clinical trials, data on the efficacy and safety of COVID-19 “vaccines,” and documents from previous animal studies would make a decent regulatory agency stop the vaccine program.

However, the FDA is in bed with the companies that should be regulating. Big pharma’s interests have captured this regulatory agency while the public’s interests remain neglected. FDA corruption can’t be tolerated because when this agency doesn’t carry out its mission, people get injured or die.

Medical Ethics

Lack of transparency directly affects issues related to medical ethics. COVID-19 “vaccines” are experimental and undergoing clinical trials since mRNA shots are not FDA-approved. In order to be part of an experiment (clinical trial), participants (the public) are entitled to informed consent. Informed consent is an ethical foundation that has been codified by law and is part of the standard of care.

In other words, people need to have all available information (ingredients and possible adverse events) associated with these shots so they can make informed decisions. For the past three years, people haven’t been able to give informed consent because information related to these shots has been hidden from the public. This is a violation of medical ethics and the Nuremberg code.

Moreover, “vaccine” mandates and the incorporation of COVID-19 shots into the vaccine schedule for children involve coercion. These mandates, also, violate the Nuremberg Code. Not only that but coercion of medical treatment or experimentation violates our constitutional rights.

The Constitution provides protection against bodily intrusions. The 14th Amendment specifically establishes our right to bodily integrity. This means that we have autonomy and self-determination over our own bodies. Therefore, mandates of these experimental shots are unconsented physical intrusions that violate our human rights.

Conflicts of Interest

Another reason why the FDA is making decisions that make no scientific sense and don’t protect public health is their conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical corporations. Unfortunately, money talks and has more weight than scientific evidence.

Unbiased data wouldn’t categorize COVID-19 shots as safe or effective. The FDA has kept COVID-19 shots on the market and even promoted them instead of halting the vaccine program. This disgraced agency is not safeguarding the interests of the public but those of Big Pharma. This agency is just another marketing channel for pharma corporations. In turn, big pharma is operating with impunity and getting away with fraud and manslaughter.

To a Fitter Healthier You,

Adriana Albritton

The Fitness Wellness Mentor

🛑 Additionally, in 2/2023, the FDA recommended RSV shots despite the risks of Guillain-Barré syndrome and other adverse events. Not only that but some clinical trials have stopped enrollment and vaccination in pregnant women after seeing safety signals.

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