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The past few years have been devastating for most. Not only physically and economically but psychologically as well. Besides the wreckage, we have learned about levels of corruption unimaginable through FOIA requests, whistleblowers, investigations, and more. This article highlights irrefutable facts related to the virus and current treatments as well as eye-opening issues related to the pandemic response and COVID-19 policies that followed.

Fraudulent Reporting

Mortality Rates associated with the Virus

We can’t talk about pandemic responses without clarifying facts about the virus. In early 2020, we were told that people were dropping like flies because the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) was extremely contagious, airborne, lived on surfaces for long periods of time, and was pretty lethal.

SARS-CoV-2 was portrayed as the Black Plague. The truth of the matter is that despite the fear-mongering, the infection fatality ratio (IFR), which represents the proportion of deaths among infected people, for most people under age 65 is about 1% and 0.002% for those under age 18. 

CDC’s Fraudulent Reporting on Death Certificates

Taking into consideration the infection-fatality ratio of the virus, why were there so many deaths? One of the factors playing a role in the rise of mortality rates associated with COVID-19 was fraudulent reporting.

In fact, there is a Grand Jury Petition demanding a Grand Jury Investigation for criminal fraud and willful misconduct involving the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Secretary of Health ad Human Services (HHS), and the Director of the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). Evidence shows that these agencies “violated federal law with respect to data integrity for COVID-19. They failed to ensure, and/or willfully manipulated data being collected, analyzed, and published.”

Learn more about the Grand Jury petition, real data related to COVID-19 deaths, and how the CDC issued a new guide for certifying deaths in relation to COVID–19, incentivizing hospitals when these changes took place: CDC’s Fraudulent Reporting on Death Certificates.

COVID-19 Policies Addressing Transmission

There were a couple of COVID-19 policies part of the pandemic response that governments imposed on us in order to “help stop transmission and infection of the virus.” Lockdowns and masks were mandated despite the fact that they had no scientific basis. Instead of benefiting us, these arbitrary rulings caused more harm and excess deaths. We can examine these policies and conclude that it was never about science but about totalitarian control.


One of the first COVID policies that caused tremendous devastation was lockdowns. Governments imposed these unconstitutional synchronized responses all over the globe without scientific basis. These unprecedented edicts were supposed to be in place for two weeks in order to “flatten the curve.” Yet, the goalpost was moved continuously and lasted 16 months in some states.

Quarantining the vulnerable and symptomatic people made logical sense but quarantining the healthy never did. Hundreds of studies show that lockdowns created more harm than good and caused excess mortality (not COVID-related)Lockdowns were not about saving lives but about power and control. Learn The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Lockdowns.


Just like there was no scientific evidence to support lockdowns, there was no science supporting that masks were an effective tool for preventing transmission or infection of SARS-CoV-2. Yet, everyone had to be muzzled while being outside and children continued to be forced to wear masks to attend school. In NYC, the mask mandate for children was lifted in June of 2022 – our children were muzzled unjustifiably for 3 years.

Wearing masks for long periods provides virtually no protection against the virus. Masks not only do not protect you against the virus, but they pose risks to your health. Plus, continued mask-wearing causes irreversible damage to younger generations. Read the research on the effectiveness and safety of masks and the role that mask mandates served for those in power A Masquerade: Masks’ Effectiveness and Safety

COVID-19 Policies Addressing Treatment

The pandemic response involved COVID-19 policies such as restriction of treatment and official/approved COVID-19 treatment protocols – these continue to play a role in the rise of mortality rates up to this day.

Restriction of Treatment

A COVID-19 policy that resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths was the restriction of treatment. Early on during the pandemic, Fauci and his team told people to just stay home if they were not feeling well. They gave no recommendations to help people fight the virus or strengthen their immune systems.

Having no guidance, some doctors started to improvise and treated patients with generic drugs [ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)]. They developed successful multidrug protocols that saved thousands of lives. Instead of having those protocols promoted nationally to save more lives, Fauci and the FDA created smear campaigns against these drugs.

Furthermore, those physicians were de-platformed and persecuted. Sadly, it’s estimated that more than 800,000 patients died in hospitals due to the restriction of life-saving treatments. Learn all the reasons for the restriction of COVID-19 treatments and how health bureaucrats and the pharmaceutical industrial complex benefited.

Official COVID-19 Treatment Protocols

Approved COVID-19 treatment protocols are additional contributing factors continuing to increase death rates in the country. These official protocols recommended for the treatment of COVID-19 have brought a lot of unwelcome side effects even though are deemed to be “safe and effective.”


A protocol that’s killing an incredible number of people unnecessarily is putting people on ventilators. Ventilators should be the last resort since the longer people are on mechanical ventilation, the more likely they are to suffer complications. In fact, studies show that the fatality rate of COVID-19 patients receiving invasive mechanical ventilation goes from 45% to 84% depending on the patient’s age.

Despite the fact that about half of the patients diagnosed with COVID-19 die after being put on ventilators, this official COVID-19 protocol hasn’t stopped in hospitals. Learn what’s behind hospitals’ overzealous need to intubate COVID-positive patients: Why Are COVID-19 Patients Put On Ventilators?


Remdesivir is another official COVID-19 treatment protocol and a factor skewing mortality rates. This drug has been around for almost a decade exhibiting undesirable health records. In previous clinical trials, 70%-75% of participants who received remdesivir developed adverse side effects (acute kidney failure, liver damage, septic shock, and hypotension), and 53% of them died. No wonder why the drug was never approved.

In relation to COVID-19, about 25.9% of COVID-positive patients who receive remdesivir die, and at least 25% develop serious adverse events. Despite remdesivir’s toxicity and poor effectiveness, Fauci fast-tracked it and the FDA approved it. Understand all the players benefiting from approving and distributing this drug and the safety and effectiveness of remdesivir.

COVID-19 “Vaccines”

Another official COVID-19 treatment protocol is the COVID-19 shot. It’s interesting that in order to make the public comfortable taking genetic therapy and to make these shots fit the narrative of safety, the definition of the word vaccine was changed – which by itself should be a warning sign.

A vaccine used to be defined as a product that “stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease.” Now, it’s “a preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.” These genetic products, called vaccines, don’t produce immunity. It should be also concerning that, unlike traditional vaccines that take 8 to 15 years to develop, it took Moderna and Pfizer a few months to develop COVID-19 shots.

COVID-19 “Vaccine” Effectiveness

COVID-19 shots do not protect against or prevent the spread of the virus as we can see with the continuity of breakthrough cases. This is when someone who is vaccinated gets infected with the virus. This was referred to as vaccine failure in the past. Now the CDC reframed it as breakthrough infection in order to continue deceiving the public and avoid bringing the facts about this failed product to the forefront.

  • As of November 2021, there have been over 1 Million vaccine breakthrough cases, over 56,000 vaccine breakthrough hospitalizations, and over 16,000 vaccine breakthrough deaths (people who got the shot and subsequently got the virus and died).

Learn more about COVID-19 shots’ effectiveness.

COVID-19 “Vaccine” Safety

Even more devastating than the lack of efficacy associated with COVID-19 shots, it’s the carnage caused by these shots as shown by the data below:

🛑 Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System – VAERS

  • As of November 18, 2022, there have been 1,467,781 reports of adverse events and 32,370 reported deaths related to the COVID “vaccine” on VAERS. What’s even more worrisome is that VAERS is an underreported system.
  • But even if we assume that VAERS numbers are accurate, these figures surpass the number of people suffering adverse events connected to all vaccines combined since the 1950s. The unfortunate victims of these shots are about six times more than the number of American lives lost on September 11th, the Gulf War, the Iraq War, and the War in Afghanistan combined.

🛑 V-safe – After Vaccination Health Checker for COVID-19 Vaccine

  • V-safe is an app created by the CDC to monitor people’s experiences after vaccination. The data shows the following: 782,913 individuals, or over 7.7% of v-safe users, had a health event requiring medical attention, emergency room intervention, and/or hospitalization. Over 25% had an event that required them to miss school or work. There were 71 million reports of symptoms, averaging over 7 symptoms per v-safe registrant.  There were over 33,000 symptoms exhibited by children under 2 years of age.

Note that the CDC refused to share this data with the public and the Informed Consent Action Network – ICAN had to sue them twice. Eventually, the CDC was forced by the courts to reveal V-safe’s data, showing that there were approximately 10 million individuals, including 13,000 children under age 2, that registered and submitted data to v-safe.

Yet, this is not the whole story. As if the fact that the CDC refused to share public data wasn’t bad enough, they shared this information in a deceptive way. The data published in a study, Safety monitoring of mRNA vaccines administered during the initial 6 months of the US COVID-19 vaccination programme, was supposed to describe what happens to people post-vaccination throughout a 6-month period. However, it only captured users’ experiences during the first 7 days post-inoculation, not any time after that. The CDC cherry-picked data and reported that those results were part of a 6-month follow-up, which was fraudulent.

Why did the CDC hide 6 months of data? Maybe sharing what people experienced for six months post-vaccination would go against the narrative that the COVID-19 shot is “safe and effective.”

🛑 Mortality Data

Another important piece of information to include in relation to the “safety” of COVID-19 shots are the figures being reported by businesses associated with death. This data is totally impartial. We are seeing higher death rates in 2021 and 2022 than in 2020 – the year that the virus was at its peak. The only factor introduced in the population was mass vaccination. Is there a coincidence?

  • Data from insurance companies is alarming. Lincoln National Life Insurance Company reported a 163% increase in death benefits paid out under its group life insurance policies in 2021. Their annual statements showed a 9% increase in 2020 (the year SARS-CoV-2 hit the US) from their baseline (2019). However, there was an enormous increase in deaths in 2021 over 2020 – that’s the year when the COVID-19 shot was starting to take effect on the population.
  • Death benefits payments from Lincoln National’s annual statements for the past three years: in 2019: $500,888,808; in 2020: $547,940,260; in 2021: $1,445,350,949!
  • One America Insurance Company is seeing the same pattern. The CEO, Scott Davison, reported that deaths among working people ages 18-64 were up 40% in the third quarter of 2021. He said that these numbers are “unheard of” and the highest death rates that have “ever been seen in the history of the life insurance business.”
  • A recent mortality study, backed by a Bradford Hill analysis, showed that there was no clear evidence of significant excess deaths in 2020 but significant excess mortality was strongly correlated (+74%) with COVID-19 shots. The “large excess deaths observed from the data imply that the mortality risk/benefit ratio from COVID injections is very high. That is, the harm or risk realized has far outweighed any benefit from COVID injections.”

If you are one of those unfortunate victims, this is how you can start dealing with COVID-19 shots’ adverse events. Learn more about COVID-19 shots’ safety.

Additional COVID-19 “Vaccine” Issues

🛑 CDC Depravity & The Childhood Vaccination Schedule

  • Last month, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted unanimously and the CDC added COVID-19 shots to the childhood immunization schedule. The CDC added these experimental shots to the immunization schedule despite data showing that they don’t stop infection or transmission of the virus. To make matters worse, 29.3% of children and adolescents receiving mRNA vaccines are presenting disturbing adverse events.

🛑 FDA Corruption

  • Pharmaceutical companies manufacturing COVID-19 shots have not been transparent about ingredients or clinical trial data even though they received billions from taxpayers’ money. On top of that, the FDA has been covering up for them. The FDA had to be sued because it refused to release documents that pharmaceutical companies had provided to them.

🛑 Conflicts of Interest

  • US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases – USAMRIID, the CDC, and Fauci hold patents for remdesevir, which means that they receive royalties for its use.


A virus with an infection fatality rate of about 1% for most people under age 65 doesn’t justify the pandemic responses that have been taking place over the past three years. COVID-19 policies, such as lockdowns and masks, created tremendous damage to the population and contributed to excess deaths instead of helping stop the transmission of SARS-CoV-2.

COVID-19 policies addressing treatment include the restriction of generic drugs (HCQ and ivermectin) and approved COVID-19 treatment protocols, such as remdesivir, ventilators, and COVID-19 shots. These protocols and experimental products can’t be categorized as safe or effective based on the evidence we are seeing. In fact, they continue to contribute to skyrocketing mortality rates, which have surpassed those of 2020 – when the virus was at its peak.

Corrupt health agencies, such as the CDC, FDA, and NIH, taking part in these disastrous COVID-19 policies are engaging in criminal misconduct and defrauding the public. They are refusing to protect public health and have become marketing tentacles of pharmaceutical companies. In turn, big pharma continues to operate exempt from liability while leaving a trail of bodies behind.

COVID-19 policies have inflicted more carnage than the virus itself. Some policies provided a symbolic illusion of safety. Yet, the underlying motivations for these disturbing edicts were totalitarian control, the propagation of fear and unhealthy states, the violation of constitutional rights with immunity, and the massive accumulation of wealth for the selected ones part of the cabal.

To a Fitter Healthier You,

Adriana Albritton

The Fitness Wellness Mentor

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