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Want to get Leaner & Fitter? You now totally realize that there are changes to be made.  And you feel ready to implement new habits.  But you may also notice that, in the past, you tried to lose weight and get fitter but weren’t quite as successful as you desired.

Many times, the problem is lack of preparation and many people skip setting the groundwork.  I am all for taking action, but we are more successful at achieving our goals when we prepare properly.

I know that change is difficult and can be overwhelming.  Sometimes, it seems like a huge undertaking and you don’t know where to start. In order to achieve long lasting change, it is best to incorporate the preparation of your body along with the preparation of your mindset and spiritual side.

Read my article at Consumer Health Digest where I give a step by step roadmap on how to prepare yourself to lose body fat and to get fitter and healthier!

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