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The top ways to pick the right cycling shoes all surround the arches of your feet. You must consider other questions, too. What type of petals you do have on your bike? How comfortable are the shoes? Although these may seem like simple things, remembering these tips will assure you that you have no blisters, injuries, or hazards while on the road.

By Your Pedals

It’s essential to know the type of pedals you have on your bike when shopping for new cycling shoes. The way your shoe interacts with the pedals are vital for control of your bike. Some have spikes to help your foot get a grip, and others come flat with grip paper on the petal. When purchasing shoes, it’s essential to know the details of the pedals and get shoes that pair well with them. If you know your footing and equilibrium aren’t great, get covers to install on your bike that will keep your shoes in place.

Based on the Arch of Your Foot

One of the top ways to pick the right cycling shoes is by the arches in your feet. The shoes can be inexpensive, lightweight, and malleable—but if they hurt to wear when you’re standing, they won’t be suitable for biking.

The arch of your foot is significant because it keeps your foot placed in the shoe; it’s used to balance your feet on the pedals and prevent plantar fasciitis. Unfortunately, this is very common among cyclists because you’re continually stringing and inflaming the arches.

By the Comfortability

Your shoes should be a half size larger than normal so you can have room to shift while biking. They shouldn’t be too tight, but they should be snug in the heel so they don’t flop off. As a side note, never bike wearing sandals or any shoes with lots of strings—even if they’re comfortable and you’re an experienced biker. Accidents can and will happen to anyone.

When picking cycling shoes, remember that they’ll be for biking and physical activities, so don’t purchase something super expensive or fancy in any way. If you’re worried the shoes might bend or their appearance will get ruined, they’re not good cycling shoes. Also, the pros and cons of different bike cleats and pedals play a part in the comfort of your experience while cycling. Finally, be sure your cycling shoes and bike pedals agree with each other for easier control of the bike.

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