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Does your fitness lifestyle consist of going to the gym one or two times a week, and the rest of the time not thinking about your fitness routine at all? This is very common, but it’s not the best or more efficient way to meet your fitness goals. In this article you will see how creating a more holistic and integrated fitness lifestyle makes health and fitness more effective and easier to manage. 

Make a Schedule 

If you’re serious about your fitness lifestyle, you should schedule your workouts for the week. Having your fitness activities in your calendar keeps your goals at the forefront and keeps you more accountable. At the same time, you may have some main events in your life that you use as targets and motivation. You can schedule a sports event to go to or sign yourself up for a marathon. Or you can use social events, like a wedding you’ll be attending, as another target for the desired fitness goal.

Sure, the fitness lifestyle is all about making yourself look and feel better so you can enjoy your life more and gain more success. Yet, scheduling your fitness routines and having some scheduled activities keeps you on track, challenges you in different areas, and even facilitates interacting with others. 

Be More Active 

Even if you already have a place to work out, such as Fitness 19, it doesn’t mean that is consistently working in your favor. Do you find there are times in your life when you have the energy and motivation to be active but choose to be inactive instead? It’s very common, you’re not alone. 

The trick is to notice these moments and use them as opportunities to put in a little more effort into being less sedentary. There are numerous ways to get exercise and burn more calories without noticing it much. For instance, you can use a gap in your schedule for a light activity of your choice that supports your goals.

Change Up Your Routine 

One of the reasons people cut back on their fitness lifestyles or abandon their fitness goals completely is because they do the same thing every workout. Their routine gets boring and they don’t replace it or change it up with something that could ignite the spark again. 

Try to be mindful of this in your fitness lifestyle, the same way you might be mindful of over-extending yourself. If you don’t feel like exercising, take a few minutes and question if that’s because of the activity or your inner drive. Changing your activities creates new interest. 

Address Your Habits

Whether you realize it or not, you have habits. It’s part of being alive. Chances are many of your habits are not helping your fitness goals. For instance, getting sugary lattes in the morning, eating takeout, procrastinating on your phone, sitting while playing video games for hours, or laying down and watching tv most days out of the week can be obstructing you from achieving all you want.

The good news is that these or any other habits can change. Changing your habits into ones that support your fitness lifestyle is an excellent way to support your health and fitness goals and to live a more wholesome life. You can learn exactly how to make exercise a habit. Don’t worry, after continuous repetition, your brain assimilates these healthy habits and they become second nature to you.

Find Something You Love 

The secret recipe of the fitness lifestyle is finding something you love. When you nail this, you rarely have to think about motivation or interest. Those things just flow naturally and you want to be working out in your favorite place. 

If you find that your fitness lifestyle is a bit of a chore but you want the health benefits of staying active, you might not have found that perfect fitness activity just yet. Don’t worry, it is definitely out there, you just need to give yourself some time to find it. Just be open to trying new things. 

As you can see, improving your fitness lifestyle involves more than just exercising a couple of times a week. Making a schedule, being more active, changing your routine, addressing your habits, and engaging in physical activities that you enjoy are ways that facilitate having a more fit lifestyle.

To a Fitter Healthier You,

Adriana Albritton

The Fitness Wellness Mentor

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