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Eating in moderation means that you’re eating the amount of food that your body needs to stay nourished and function properly.  It also means that you know that you shouldn’t overindulge on a regular basis. Yet, it can be difficult to achieve. So check out these helpful tips for practicing eating in moderation.

When you eat in moderation, you feel comfortable after eating your meal. So you never feel overstuffed or feel bad in any form, physically or emotionally. When you eat in moderation, you pay attention to what you’re putting in your body. This is of high importance When it comes to getting fit, losing weight, feeling good about yourself, or just trying to change your lifestyle for the better.

Don’t Categorize Foods as Off-Limits

The first tip to practice eating in moderation is to avoid a super strict mindset in regards to your food. Categorizing a food as totally off-limits can backfire on you. You may end up feeling overly deprived. In consequence, you may end up attaching more to that forbidden food and binging on it. Seeing certain foods as totally  off-limits is not that helpful.

 You’re allowed to have that classic cream cheese frosting and you’re allowed to have that cookie or that snack once in a while. You can treat yourself to that food you love sometimes. The point is to know that you can’t have these things all the time. The point of moderation is to know that these should be treats, things to indulge in occasionally. So just know that you don’t have to cut out those foods from your diet forever. You should also know that you can still have your favorite treats but you just need to train yourself to have smaller portions.

Be Patient

When it comes to changing your diet and eating habits, it’s all mostly a mental challenge. Turning towards a more healthy lifestyle can be complicated due to the fact that you’re having to fight over the mental obstacles and habits that you are used to.  You just need to be very patient with yourself when it comes to all of these hurdles. 

Even if you have a busy schedule, you should still show yourself some patience and cut yourself some slack. Know that Each time you jump over a hurdle, you begin to feel better and better. With practice, You realize that you don’t have to engage the cravings or nagging thoughts. And Over time, your cravings also decrease. So be patient with the process as well.

Avoid Emotional Eating 

Another tip for practicing eating in moderation is to avoid emotional eating. Do you turn to food as a relief? Are you an emotional eater? Many turn to food when they are feeling stressed out or trying to cope with an issue such as loneliness, sadness, or boredom. Is this something you do? 

While many foods can feel comforting, they are not a healthy coping mechanism. Eating to deal with your emotions is only going to help decrease the negative emotion in the short-term and for a short-time. There are more adequate ways to cope with your feelings while still regaining control of what you consume. Some ways of doing so are to deal with self-sabotage and practice healthy coping skills to deal with stress and your emotions.

Have a Meal Plan

An extremely important tool for your tool box is a meal plan. A proper meal plan should take into consideration where you are and where you want to go – your biometrics, your lifestyle, as well as your goals. In this manner, you know how many calories you need to eat throughout the day, what portions you need, and what foods you are eating during each meal. This can help you stay on track and keep you accountable.

Track What You Eat

Lastly, tracking your food is another concrete tool to help you practice eating in moderation. Having an idea of when was the last time you indulged in something will let you know whether it’s time or not to indulge in something else again. You can even schedule that favorite meal you love. Even if this sounds crazy, that’s what having a cheat meal or cheat day means. It’s when you plan a meal or a day of the week or day of the month when you can indulge. Tracking what you eat can be very beneficial. 

When you avoid emotional eating and having foods totally off limits, when you have a meal plan, track your food, and are patient with yourself, you eat in moderation. Eating in moderation is a main factor that can allow you to successfully achieve your health, fitness or emotional goals.

To a Fitter Healthier You,

Adriana Albritton

The Fitness Wellness Mentor

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