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The age-old problem of inconsistency in our health and fitness is one we all know
well. It’s easy to make that New Year’s resolution, feel super motivated for three
weeks and then fall right back off the wagon. If you can relate, here are a few tips to increase consistency.

How do people make it stick? How do you achieve consistency throughout the whole
year and even a lifetime? We all know that fitness, health, weight management, and nutrition are lifelong journeys. These endeavors shouldn’t be viewed as 8-week challenges. However, sticking to something for all your life can feel tough.

Implement One Habit at a Time

The first tip to increase consistency is to implement one habit at a time. Start by slowing things down. A large reason that so many people give up on their diets and fitness routines is that they try to do too much at once. Going from doing absolutely nothing to implementing countless strict rules in your life will only make you burn out quicker.

Instead of implementing a regime of 4 workouts in a week, cutting out bread and sugar completely, sleeping for 10 hours a night, walking 10000 steps, drinking 8 glasses of water, and on and on… Try just one of those at a time. Start small and build your way up as the habits start to stick.

Skip the Gym

This piece of advice might sound counterintuitive, but the gym isn’t always the right
answer for everyone. If the gym is far away from where you live, the commute and the lack of time might make it impossible for you to schedule a workout. Plus, if you feel intimidated or self-conscious, you might not have the confidence to even start.

Instead, start by working out at home. If you want to, you can grab some basic
equipment like a workout mat, adjustable dumbbells, and some resistance bands.
With just these, you’ll be able to follow loads of workout videos you find online, build
some muscle, improve your fitness level, and get strong.

Pro tip – If you are not an avid gym-goer, an excellent way to stick to your fitness routine and find consistency is to find an activity, sport, or hobby that you truly enjoy practicing and fits your goals. For example, mind-body activities such as yoga are great to reduce stress and improve mobility, while Hassett’s Jiu Jitsu is great for self-defense. Still have doubts? No one is stopping you from trying out different sports!

Focus on Adding, Not Removing

Another tip to increase consistency is to concentrate on adding more. One of the best ways to make healthy dietary changes is to start focusing on what you can add to your diet rather than what you can remove. Most people go on strict diets. They remove fats, carbs, gluten, sugar, and goodness knows what else from their daily meals, which makes them feel deprived.

This time, rather spend some time thinking about what you can add to your meals to make them healthier and more nutrient-dense. Consider adding more protein to your meals, more organic fruits and veggies, and a few healthy fats. When you start adding these things, other less nutritious foods will naturally start falling away.

Find an Accountability Partner

If you struggle with being consistent, then an accountability partner could be an
amazing option for you. Having someone, (other than yourself) who is expecting you
to reach your goals, can help you make the right decisions. You may feel that you don’t want to disappoint them or you may feel ashamed for not following through. This is even more helpful when you are going through difficult moments.

However, you should also be mindful when choosing an accountability partner. Consider whether you need someone to work out with, or just someone to talk to
over the phone and share your progress with. You can even use online connections or online groups to fill this objective.

Spend Some Money

Spending money is another tip to increase consistency. Sometimes, when we know we’ve spent money on something, we want to make sure that our money has been put to good use and has not been wasted.

In these cases, paying for an expensive gym membership might motivate you to
drive over there and get your money’s worth. If you purchase some at-home workout equipment, you’ll want to make sure you use it, so your cash wasn’t wasted. Spending money on healthier organic foods instead of processed junk will motivate you to keep the ball rolling.

Incentivize Yourself

Rewards and incentives can be a great help if you want to keep yourself on track.
However, you need to be smart about your reward system. Instead of rewarding
yourself for a week of healthy eating with a big greasy burger, think of smarter and
more worthwhile rewards for your consistency.

For example, a new workout outfit, a pair of trainers, a fitness tracker, a gym
membership, or a new supplement you’ve been wanting to try are some good incentives. All these things can motivate you further once you get the reward.

Believe That You Can Do It

Finally, remember that self-belief is a powerful tool that you need to use. If you constantly tell yourself that you’re going to fail, you probably will. You will not get it right and there’s no use in even trying.  Many times, we can be our worst enemies and allow our minds to sabotage our plans, goals, and even relationships. Thinking negatively makes you less likely to be able to remain consistent.

What other choice do you have? Believe in yourself. Instead, tell yourself that you know you can reach your goals, and the chances are that you will. You should learn how to identify unhelpful negative thinking and stop self-sabotage.,

Sticking to exercise routines, meal plans, and healthy habits don’t have to be impossible. Follow the above tips to increase consistency so you can experience long-lasting change, optimal health, and the body of your dreams.

To a Fitter Healthier You,

Adriana Albritton

The Fitness Wellness Mentor

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