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One of the best exercises to build and strengthen the shoulders is the Shoulder Press.

Shoulder presses primordially work the shoulders, obviously. Yet they also engage the triceps, trapezius, and even the pectoralis.

Shoulder presses are super beneficial and highly versatile. They can be performed standing up or sitting down. More muscles are engaged when performing standing overhead presses. Yet, seated shoulder presses involved a more controlled movement.

Another way of doing this exercise is how Arnold Schwarzenegger used to do them. He rotated the wrists on the way down, having the palms facing the face and going a little bit lower than with the regular exercise. He experimented with the movement in order to bring higher stimulation to the front delts. They are called Arnold Presses.

Shoulder presses can be performed with diverse tools. You can use a barbell, dumbbells, cables, or bands to perform the movement.


Video of the Week:

Standing Dumbbell Presses


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