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Having defined and strong shoulders gives you a great presence. However, most people tend to work out the front and lateral deltoid muscles and neglect the rear delts or the posterior part of the shoulder. For this reason, the rear delts can be among the weakest areas.

Benefits of Bent-Over Rear Delt Raises:

  • Well-rounded shoulders look great and complement a well-balanced upper body, giving you a more confident look.
  • Bent-over rear delt raises help to strengthen the posterior deltoids, which translate into a sturdy upper back.
  • They help grow the posterior area of the shoulder, improving pulling and pushing abilities.
  • Bent-over rear lateral raises help correct imbalances and prevent injuries created when overworking the pectorals and anterior deltoids.
  • They are safe for the shoulders and do not negatively affect the rotator cuffs.
  • The bent-over rear delts fly helps avoid injuries and imbalances as they concentrate on the posterior chain.
  • Standing bent-over rear lateral raises engage many other muscles in the movement, such as the abs, lower back, upper back, traps, and even hamstrings in order to maintain proper alignment.
  • They don’t need a lot of equipment. You can use just a pair of dumbbells, cables, or bands.
  • You can perform different variations, raising both arms simultaneously, one arm at a time, or alternate arms.

VIDEO: How to Perform the Rear Delt Fly

Bent Over Rear Lateral Raises for Sexy Shoulders

Other exercises for the rear delts are seated rear delt raises and face pulls.

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