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It doesn’t matter how long you have been working out. Everyone can lose sight of their end goals of what they started working out for. Becoming stuck and having results stagnate can be a massive issue for many people regardless of where they are on their fitness journey, and if you aren’t getting the results you want, then you need to make some changes to what you are doing to help you move past this block and get back on track. If you need a little extra motivation and support, the following tips are designed to help you hit those goals and push through fitness barriers.

Work with A Coach

You might not need a personal trainer to help you get things done in the gym, but you might need a coach who can support you to make other changes, see where you’re going wrong, and give you some perspective from a fresh pair of eyes.

There are many exercise and nutrition coaches you can work with to help you breathe new life into your goals, or you can embark on a course to learn more about yourself and what you are capable of. The Mind Body Transformation Program is one such example of being able to combine your body and mind for a completely new experience.

Mix It Up

If you feel your meals or workouts aren’t hitting the spot anymore, you need to start mixing it up. It could be switching from cardio to strength training, pushing for progressive overload if you’re not seeing results from strength training, or flipping it around and including more cardio into your workouts if you solely do strength-based training.

Additionally, you should look for different workouts. This variety can help you see results and complement your current exercise routine. For example, yoga, running, pilates, HITT, and circuit training can all be beneficial in their own ways. Then address your nutritional intake to improve your diet.

Take A Break

If you’re constantly working out, then it’s important to remember that rest is just as important. It can help you push through those fitness barriers. Incorporate more rest days into your fitness schedule or look at active rest days where you do more gentle exercises like yoga or work on some mobility exercises. And if you’re constantly eating in a deficit, then bump your calories up to maintenance for a couple of weeks and give it the fuel it needs before dropping back into a deficit (you should aim to stay in a deficit for no longer than 10-12 consecutive weeks at a time before going on a maintenance break).


If you feel things aren’t going in your direction, you need to track what you are doing and see precisely what’s happening. Track your weight and body measurements in as many places as you wish or want to see change; track your calories, workouts, and even your sleep and mood patterns if you want to too. All of these aspects play a vital part in supporting changes to body composition and weight loss if this is your aim, and seeing all of these metrics can help you to ascertain what, if any, changes are being made and where, and then make adjustments to get to where you need to be, i.e., drinking more water, getting more sleep, increasing weight or intensity of workouts and so on.

Now that you know how to push through fitness barriers, you can help your body move forward so you attain your goals and get where you need to be. These tips are designed to push you to see what you can do and support your body whilst you do so.

To a Fitter Healthier You,

Adriana Albritton

The Fitness EWellness Mentor

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