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More people are looking for PTs and fitness instructors than ever before. However, the competition for clients is fiercer too. So, if you are going to win your fair share of members, you must ensure that you provide the most attractive service available. Learn a few ways how to level up your personal training services.

Develop New Skills

Improving your skills and knowledge as a PT should be the first step towards building a better business. After all, this will allow you to deliver greater expertise to your clients, which can then help them unlock better results. Fitness-specific courses at ASFA can also help you develop a niche within the industry. If it can help you win clients with greater conversion rates while also retaining their loyalty, it has to be worthwhile. 

If nothing else, improving and refreshing your education will give you a greater sense of confidence. This in itself should impress prospective clients and bring significant rewards for your bottom line. 

Be More Personal

Another way to level up your personal training is by getting more personal and addressing different aspects of your client’s life. Working as a fitness coach isn’t solely about exercise. Your role is ultimately to help clients improve their quality of life. This transcends fitness to cover body image, mental health, and general life organization. As such, understanding why they make excuses for poor nutrition is vital. Likewise, you’ll want to support them in the bid to find a true sense of motivation. When someone truly wants to change their life, they will.

Even when the personal approach doesn’t directly influence an aspect of a person’s life, your listening is key. When combined with the fact that they are taking control of their lives, improvements will show. And it should bring increased loyalty. 

Add Other Streams of Income

Building on the idea that PT work isn’t just about exercise, you can look to use extra revenue streams. One option is to introduce nutritional supplements into the mix. Alternatively, teaming up with a local whole foods store can work well. You can promote their goods in return for a commission. With Printful print-on-demand custom fitness wear, you can sell your own merchandise too. There’s no risk, but potentially huge rewards.

Your experience and knowledge of the field can also be used in a range of content creation opportunities. Similarly, you could offer lecturing or guest speaking appearances to earn extra funds.

Add Employees

Even when you utilize additional revenue streams, it’s important to remember that you can only do so much with one pair of hands. As such, it may be worth considering the addition of an extra PT or two. They will essentially work for you. They can leverage success from your reputation while you take a cut of their profits. Alternatively, if you own a fitness facility, you can rent out a section of it or charge other PTs for training their clients at your facility. 

Aside from the benefits on a daily basis, it also means that the business ticks over when you are ill or on vacation. Whether you see it as adding staff or turning the company into a franchise, the added profits are ideal.

Developing new skills, becoming more personal, adding other streams of income, and adding employees are some ways on how to level up your personal training. Focus on the several aspects of your business and you won’t go wrong.

To a Fitter Healthier You,

Adriana Albritton

The Fitness Wellness Mentor

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