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Most of us have busy working lives and busy family lives, which leaves very little time for exercise. However, there’s still a way to get fit without sacrificing any of your productivity. Then something magical happens – the fitter you become, the more productive you become as well. Let’s look at how to get fit when you have a busy life.

Embrace Your Commute 

One way to get fit when you have a busy life is by embracing your commute. Most people think about the commute to their city job as a hindrance to their life, after all, who wants to waste one or two hours every day on traveling or using public transportation? This situation is frustrating because this time could be used more constructively; it could be used to work out, for instance. 

But, from a different point of view, a commute to work presents an opportunity. If you choose to embrace it, then you can integrate your fitness schedule into your commute and benefit from better health and productivity. So make sure you are fit and optimized for the year ahead, this will keep you alert and reduce the chance of getting into a bicycle accident on your commute to work. Learn more about accident statistics here.

Stay Fitness Oriented 

Everyone wants to look great and feel fantastic, and we all know the best way to achieve this is to hit the weight or the track. The trouble is that motivation soon disappears when other priorities start to take over. Work, family, projects get in the way, and suddenly you are unhealthy and out of shape again. 

The good news is there is an easy solution to this; what you need to do is stay workout-oriented. If you need variety, find fitness alternatives that suit your goals, personality, and schedule. It’s also important to keep your workout clothes and gear handy so you have less resistance to heading out for a run or dropping into the gym. You want to make the experience as frictionless as possible. 

Schedule Exercise Time

Another way to get fit when you have a busy life is by scheduling your workouts. Workout time doesn’t magically appear in your work schedule; you have to arrange it, which can be difficult. But, if you’re serious about getting healthy again, then you need to treat your workout time the same way you treat other priorities in your working week; it needs to be high up. 

The time you dedicate to working out doesn’t have to be excessive; it just needs to be well planned and regular. When planning your workout time, don’t forget to plan any additional time you might need for changing and commuting. Ensure you have enough time to meet goals.  

Embrace Micro Workouts

In some cases, there is very little time in the day to think about working out. Life can be extremely busy. But even in this situation, there is a way to integrate exercise time into your life. The first thing you need to do is make more time. You could get up half an hour early or change your habits. 

Some people like to read for fifteen minutes on their break, so why not swap this for some light exercise such as sun salutations to strengthen your body and increase your heart rate without getting too sweaty before going back to work. There are many ways to incorporate micro-workouts.   

Master Your Productivity 

You should also master your productivity to get fit when you have a tight schedule. When you kickstart your workout lifestyle, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more you make time for exercise, the more energy you have and the more productive you become. The key to reaching your goals is prioritizing fitness in your life and making it a foundational element.

When you tackle tasks in order of priority, deal with the hardest assignments first, make lists of what you need to accomplish, stay organized, and away from distractions, you become highly productive. 

As you can see, embracing your commute, staying fitness-oriented, scheduling your exercise time, doing micro-workouts, and being productive are some of the ways how to get fit when you have a busy life

To a Fitter Healthier You,

Adriana Albritton

The Fitness Wellness Mentor

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