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Many people find technology to be damaging at different levels. Tech can be seen as a tool for destruction, a social divider for the most economically stable, a threat to the environment, and a detriment to our health due to keeping us more sedentary and isolated.  Yet, if used properly, technology can help our society at many levels and have a positive effect on our lives.

The future of fitness is being carved day by day. Check out how these technological advances can help you improve your fitness level, and your health overall:

Technological Tools that Help Improve Fitness

  • Wearables: Smart Watches and Wristbands: They are designed to track your movement and your vitals. They also incentivize you to keep moving. Some bands even track reps and sets on free weight equipment. Biometric Clothing: Now there are pieces of garment that track sleep, heartbeat, ECG, heart rate variability, heart rate recovery, breathing rate, steps, and activity intensity.
  • Body Scanners: Some companies are integrating 3D human modeling technology into the fitness space to help people accurately visualize body changes as they embark on a fat loss journey.
  • Apple Health App: This apps offers a database of your vitals that can be used by some fitness centers to provide recommendations based on your stats, workout behavior, and even your mood. 
  • Mobile Apps: refer to Top 12 Benefits of Health and Fitness Apps
  • Online Trainers: Technology now allows you to work out with a trainer without having to meet her/him face to face. Personal training can be a luxury that many can’t afford. So having an online trainer can reduce the costs to a great degree and keep you engaged from a distance.
  • Streaming Workout Classes: Streaming can allow you to take classes with elite trainers any time and from the comfort of your home or hotel. This can be highly motivating and allow you to push yourself harder since you are virtually surrounded by other trainees at the same time.
  • Intelligent Fitness Systems: These machines are not the typical machines found at your gym. They personalize the resistance and workouts towards your current state and individual needs.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Software: An interactive computer-generated experience that is immersive. It takes place in a simulated environment with the use of a VR headset. It can be used on bikes, ellipticals, and special treadmills where the user is active while moving along a Hawaiian beach, the Swiss Alps, or maybe combating zombies.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Apps: Unlike virtual reality that completely replaces the user’s real-world environment with a simulated one, AR or mixed reality (MR) provides an interactive experience where digital objects (computer-generated perceptual information) are imposed in the person’s world. AR apps could allow you to chase an object in your own living room that you may be able to see through your phone, iPad, or AR glasses.
  • Integrated Health Platforms: Utilizing telehealth and biometric databases, doctors can be more engaged with patients, make recommendations based on continuously updated systems, and connect them with fitness and wellness services that instill healthy lifestyle changes and improve their health.

Technology is touching every area of our lives and the fitness industry is directly being transformed on a regular basis. Technology improves fitness and health on diverse ways. The changes that are taking place are not only positive but extraordinary.

To a Fitter Healthier You,

Adriana Albritton

The Fitness Wellness Mentor

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