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The lower extremities have various extensive and wide muscles that must be stimulated. A region that is many times neglected is the hamstring area – the back of the legs. The hamstrings cross both the hip and knee joint and are involved in knee flexion and hip extension.

Strong hamstrings are necessary for proper stability, endurance, and injury prevention. Stronger hamstrings improve performance when engaging in high power moves like running, jumping, kicking, climbing, and skating. Additionally, working out the hamstrings helps sculpt beautifully shaped legs and glutes.

An amazing exercise for the posterior area is lying hamstring curls, which isolates the hamstrings and gives them a great contraction. At the same time, hamstring curls work the glutes.

The leg curl machine is pretty easy to use. Yet, adjust it to fit your body before starting the exercise. The pad should rests on the back of your ankles, below the calves and above the achilles tendon. 

Perform the exercise in a controlled manner, slowly, and smoothly. Squeeze and contract the hamstrings as they raise towards the glutes. But occasionally, diversify and intensify the exercise by performing faster reps, concentrating on the eccentric contraction (going slowly on the way down), and even doing drop sets (performing the exercise and dropping the weight on the next set after minimal pause). 

Remember, complement your quadricep work with hamstring exercises to get a well-rounded training for your legs.

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