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There is a great exercise that is rarely performed but has great benefits. The good morning is highly advantageous since it is a compound movement that engages numerous muscles groups, helping you to get stronger and leaner.

The good morning works on a hinge pattern and employs the back, with high concentration on the lower back, the hips, hamstrings, glutes, and even the core muscles.

According to your goals, you can vary the set and rep scheme:

  • If you want to build your posterior chain (bigger lower back muscles, glutes and hamstrings), do 3–5 sets of 8–12 repetitions.
  • If you are looking for strength, you can go for lower reps but heavier weight, do 3–5 sets of 3–5 repetitions. However, this exercise is not necessarily meant to be performed with super heavy weight.
  • Additionally, the good morning can complement other back or hamstring exercises and be performed with higher reps.

You can vary the exercise by altering your stance. A wider stance engages more the hamstrings and adductors, while a narrower stance emphasizes the glutes more. The lower back can be more engaged with a deeper bend of the knees or when performed seating.

Keep in mind that the exercise shouldn’t be performed with straight legs, the knees should not be locked, as to prevent putting unnecessary stress on your back


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Good Mornings - For a Great Strong Butt and a Sexy Lower Back!!


Remember, whether you want to lose weight, tone your body, gain strength or size, all muscles must be trained.

Lift, Burn more Fat, Get Stronger and Live Healthier!

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