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Getting fit is very challenging, particularly when you start from a very deconditioned level. Early mornings and dozens of grueling training sessions run counter to our collective proclivity to sit around and have snacks. But despite all the pain, the process of getting fit is still worth it. While only an elite minority will ever become professional athletes, improving your fitness level is far more valuable than what you give up. In this post, we take a look at some of the reasons getting fit is absolutely worth it. 

You Look Good

When you’re fit, it shows. The way you hold your body changes and everyone notices. All of a sudden, you have curves in all the right places, and people come up to you demanding to know your secret (lots of hard work!).

How you get fit also makes a tremendous difference in how you look. If you go to a strength and conditioning coach to build muscle and get conditioned, you’ll look completely different from someone who just does cardio. You achieve a rarified physique. Very few people have bodies that look good all the time, no matter what angle the photos are taken from. 

You Feel Good

Another reason getting fit is absolutely worth it is because of how it makes you feel. There’s the fact that you feel good physically and mentally. While exercise produces some momentary pain, it’s worth it for the lasting feel-good payoff. Most people who train regularly feel better than those who are inactive. They are less likely to have back pain or develop chronic diseases. Physical fitness is important at many levels.

You Have A Sense Of Accomplishment

Not many people can go out every morning and run a 10k. But if you’re fit, running 5k is no a big deal. It’s reassuring to know that you can take on life’s physical challenges without getting puffed out or running out of breath. In fact, you know that if the world was suddenly to go back to the stone age, you’d be one of those who could deal with the harsh environment that that would entail. 

Getting super fit comes with a strong sense of accomplishment. While you used to struggle to run a mile without stopping, now you know you can run for longer periods anytime. You’re a world away from where you once were and you improve your confidence.

You Destress

Other reason getting fit is absolutely worth it is because it’s a great way of adding some stress management. Studies have shown that exercise has a positive effect on stress relief. Being focused on something and you having a goal is an opportunity to get lost in it and forget about the trials in your life. You’re in a state of flow, simply enjoying what you’re doing. There’s nothing more to it than that. 

You Become A Stronger Person

The battles you fight in training give you a kind of strength that carries over into the rest of your life. When the going gets tough, you already know how to dig deep, grit your teeth, and keep going. You have better abilities to get through problems. You don’t fall apart at a moment’s notice. Ultimately, you become a stronger and wiser person. And, for that matter, happier because of all the positive effects the exercise is having on your body.

As you can see getting fit is absolutely worth it. Getting fit not only helps your body and mind stay healthy but it helps you feel good and look good. It allows you to relieve stress and have a sense of accomplishment. Simultaneously, the process of getting fit builds character, transforming you into a stronger being. So, get started today!

To a Fitter Healthier You,

Adriana Albritton

The Fitness Wellness Mentor

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