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The chest is a tremendous muscle that has to be properly trained. It encompasses the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor.

As a fitness professional in New York, I see that most men love to train it and most women love to neglect it. It is understandable why men love to train it since a well-developed chest carries a presence of grandeur. On the other hand, women neglected since it feels like a weaker area for us. Yet, it can also provide a lifted look in women. It’s a great chest-lifter.

Having a strong chest is highly advantageous, not only for chest strength. Strong chest muscles aid in the building of other muscles. They also facilitate shoulder and arm movements, involved in different sports or activities. Additionally, a strong chest helps to prevent shoulder injuries.

A great exercise to strengthen the chest is called flyes. The chest fly or pectoral fly primarily works the pectoralis major muscles while facilitating the movement of the arms horizontally forward. Simultaneusly, the shoulders are engaged, as well as the biceps, forearms and core.

Flyes can be performed with different tools and in various body positions. You can use dumbbells, cables or bands. You can also change the angle of your body, like on a straight bench, incline or decline position. However, be mindful to avoid locking the elbows in order to avoid injuries when performing them.

In the video clip, I am demonstrating how to perform dumbbell pec flyes on an incline.

Inclined Flyes to Lift the Chest

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