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What’s the difference between those who decide on a lifestyle that benefits them versus those who give into their indulgences all the time and experience numerous negative health outcomes? Well, you can’t ever know what specific factors contribute to people’s decisions. However, it’s true that their principles, beliefs, and priorities determine what they pursue. Read on to learn key factors to maintain momentum for a fit and healthy lifestyle.

For this reason, most people who manage to lose weight, get fit, and enjoy their life anew repeat one message, an amazing and affirming statement, “you can do it too!” This can be hard to accept if you are stuck in bad habits. 

Yet, it’s important to understand what helps some people catch alight and begin to see the beauty in working for the body and health they want. A secret to all of this is momentum, a driving force that helps in the accomplishment of your goals.


Keeping healthy habits is an essential factor to maintain momentum for a fit and healthy lifestyle. Habits build routines, which in turn keep the momentum forward. If you do the same thing every day, you tend to find it easier to keep repeating that action. We are creatures of habit, which makes our minds and bodies attuned to repeated activities. 

If every other morning or afternoon you head to the gym, work out, hydrate yourself, and eat a nutritious meal, doing so the next ninety times will be easier and more comfortable than doing it ten times when you just follow the routine once a week. Eventually, you get to a point where it’s much harder to break a routine than it is to keep up with it. Habits become automatic actions. You don’t have to think about them, you just do them.

The Right Guidance

Another factor to maintain momentum for a fit and healthy lifestyle is to have the right guidance. Sometimes people don’t know where to start or how to achieve their objectives, which can be discouraging. When you have the right guidance, you are more capable of achieving your goals because an expert is directing you and giving you the tools you need. Experts can help structure your workout plan, making it easier to get the wheels in motion and build that momentum.

Plus, a little pep in your step and warm encouragement is not something to brush aside as unnecessary. It can actually be tremendously worthwhile depending on our needs. For instance, an excellent personal trainer can really help unlock your sense of self-worth, showing you how to commit to certain movements properly, and move forward with a sense of real confidence and care.

It’s Not About Perfection

You don’t have to be perfect every day to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. Progress is the overall trend, not perfection. You should keep up with your disciplined choices most days out of the week but it doesn’t necessarily have to be every day. You can make sure you’re doing your workouts and using your workout bands on training days, then try to relax a bit elsewhere.

It doesn’t matter if you enjoy a few glasses of wine on your birthday, or if you decide to enjoy yourself over the festive period. What matters is staying committed and returning to your healthy habits to make sure you do all you reasonably can to keep that momentum going. Fitness and a healthy diet should be sustainable. Think about this as a marathon, not a sprint.


Another factor to maintain momentum for a fit and healthy lifestyle is to set priorities. You need to identify what is truly important for you. If positively transforming your physique and your health is valuable to you, you need to start acting like it.

Take the time to write down your goals and your action plan. Write down reasons why you want to achieve your goals and how not achieving them affects you. Additionally, write down what activities are getting in the way of your goals. Then, give a value of priority to your goals and your daily activities. This exercise can help you keep your priorities at the forefront.  

Feed that internal fire! Setting healthy habits and priorities, forgetting about being perfect, and getting the right guidance are some of the factors that can help you. Apply the wisdom described above to your own life to maintain the momentum needed for a fit and healthy lifestyle and experience change.

To a Fitter Healthier You,

Adriana Albritton

The Fitness Wellness Mentor

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