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Close-Grip Barbell Bench Press: Most of us want nice looking arms. In order to sculpt them is necessary to work out the biceps and your triceps.  The following exercise is amazing for the triceps!

Close-Grip Barbell Bench Press have numerous benefits:

  • They are great because they get you stronger. Since the triceps are being assisted by the chest and shoulders, you are able to lift heavier loads than with any other exercise for the triceps. Try performing low repetitions (4-6) with heavy loads to increase your strength.
  • They are also great for those interested in growing their triceps. You gain more muscle mass as a result of lifting heavier weight.
  • Close grip barbell bench presses are easy to perform and versatile. There is not much equipment needed, just a barbell and added weights.

So start benching with a close grip and get tremendous results for your triceps!

Video of the Week:

Close Grip Bench Press for awesome Chest and Arms

Remember, whether you want to lose weight, tone your body, gain strength or size,

all muscles must be trained.

Lift, Burn more Fat, Get Stronger and Live Healthier!

To a Fitter Healthier You,

Adriana Albritton

The Fitness Wellness Mentor

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