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You want to work out, but after a long winter and an even longer lockdown, you’re tired of being inside. Fortunately, there are hundreds of outdoor sports and activities to choose from. Here are some of the best sports that get you outdoors and enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, and scenery.

Outdoor exercise & sports doesn’t only burn calories but has many other benefits. Working out outdoors helps to improve your mental health, energize you due to receiving sunlight, challenge you since you have to deal with the elements (uneven, soft, or hard surfaces, or the wind and sun), socialize with others, and saves you money as you don’t need a gym membership.


Running is an old-school exercise but highly efficient. You can start at any age, at any level of fitness, and run anywhere and anyplace. No need for fancy equipment. Just wear light clothing, pick a direction, and run straight ahead until you’ve met your goal. Keep things fresh, especially the air, by picking outdoorsy areas to run. Lovely scenery inspires you to keep moving, especially if you don’t know what sort of wonders are around the next bend. Having trouble getting started? As someone once said about running, it gets easier. The hard part is you must do it regularly. But it gets easier with practice.


Want an all-over workout that leaves you feeling refreshed, even when you’re exhausted at the end? Try swimming. Naturally (or rather, unnaturally) a swimming pool can provide plenty of opportunities to exercise and practice your strokes. However, if you’re near a large and lovely body of water, take a dip there and experience the challenges of swimming with and against nature. There’s nothing quite like it, and during an early-morning swim, the dawn-kissed surroundings provide a perfect and inspiring backdrop.


Cycling is another great outdoor sport. It requires a little more equipment than a pair of running shorts or a swimsuit. Of course, there’s no single kind of bicycling—there’s long-distance cycling and mountain biking, just for starters—but that variety ensures you’ll find a branch of biking you’ll love. A good way to start is to buy a simple touring bike and take it for a spin around the town or country. For your comfort and safety, pick up a few extra pieces of bicycling gear, like sports performance sunglasses, a bike repair kit, and a helmet properly fitted to your head. For outdoor fun and excitement, there’s no better feeling than soring down a rural road on your bike.


Rock climbing is one of the best sports that gets you outdoors. If you live in a plains state, it might be a tall order to suggest taking up rock climbing. Even so, there are plenty of places where you can get your fix. Start with the wall at the gym. Work your way up through more difficult climbs but make a goal to tackle the real thing several months down the line. It may take a bit to get into climbing shape, but that first view from the top of an actual rock wall will be worth it.

Challenge and nurture your body while lifting your spirits by practicing the best outdoor sports. Running, swimming, cycling, and climbing not only burn calories but they get you out of the house which positively affects your body and mind.

To a Fitter Healthier You,

The FitnAll Family

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