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When you are in the gym or out on the road, you want to push yourself. But breaking a sweat is not easy if you are not wearing the right attire. Your performance and endurance can significantly suffer if you are fighting the clothes on your back just to keep moving. To prevent these frustrating issues, here are the benefits of wearing the right workout gear.

Keep Sweat Away From Your Body

Sweat-wicking materials are common in many workout clothes today, but you should be on the lookout for the quick-dry symbols. Fabrics that protect your skin from further friction, irritation, and dampness improve the longevity and comfort of your workout. If clothing becomes wet and bunches at your joints, it can cause extra resistance and chafe your skin. This will not only stop your workout short, but it will also keep you from performing well in the days after. Wear sweat-wicking and water-resistant clothing to stay dry and focused.

Wear Clothes That Last

Exercise often requires you to move your body quickly, which creates friction underneath your arms, between your legs, and at the soles of your feet. As such, your tops, bottoms, and socks must all be able to withstand your fast-moving pace. Whether you are running for long distances or lifting weights for an hour, you need clothes that will last you more than a few months. Look for thinning patches in high-wear areas and small holes beginning to form. These are the indicators that you should find new items for your workout wardrobe. Learn how to choose the best activewear, and head to your favorite supplier to get clothes that will last.

Put on Quality Shoes

Athletic shoes are an often-neglected part of the workout outfit. You probably look to replace your sports bras or leggings more often than your shoes. But you always wear shoes, no matter what kind of exercise you do. If you enjoy jogging, be sure to find running shoes that have the proper arch support—long distances with your feet pounding the pavement without the right backing can make them extra sore. If you lift weights, you will want a pair of solid lifting shoes that provide the sides of your feet and even your ankles with firm support to help you muster your strength.

Keep the benefits of wearing the right workout gear in mind next time you update your wardrobe or hit the gym. No matter how you do your workouts, quality clothing can make a big difference in your performance.

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