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Cycling is a great way to improve your exercise routine. However, as with starting anything new, you must know the potential dangers and how to avoid them. With cycling, in particular, there are many potential roadblocks to watch out for. Check out these beginner tips for long-distance cycling.

Know Your Limits

The most important part of any workout is to know your limits. If you add too much weight or push past a sharp pain, you will likely end up with an exercise-related injury. These will not only cause you intense pain and keep you out of commission for a time, but they could also forever change your physical capacity while exercising. As such, it is best to be careful and know your limits. With long-distance cycling, be careful to know your boundaries. When attempting your first long-distance ride, be sure to go through well-populated areas or have your cell phone with you in case of an emergency. Understand how many miles you can feasibly complete, and do not overextend yourself, especially on your first trip.

Watch the Weather

Long-distance cycling is a thrill. However, it does take a significant amount of time to cover the distance you are likely to travel, so be sure to know your local weather forecast. It may not be wise to bike in the middle of a storm or high winds that will alter your performance and slow you down. If you must pedal through inclement weather, there are many ways to cycle safely on wet roads. With the colder months approaching as well, watch out for snow or ice patches that will disrupt your rhythm. These hazards can throw you off-balance and cause serious injury.

Bring Food and Water

During any intense workout, you will need a significant amount of water to sustain your exertion. Long-distance cycling is no different. You put in hard work for a long time, so you will eventually grow incredibly thirsty and will need a snack to replenish lost electrolytes. Pack some food and water that you can refuel with so that you can continue your journey to completion.

Use these beginner tips for long-distance cycling before you hit the pavement. The best plan of action is the safe one, so take it slow and build your way up to your goal distance. There is no rush, and your health is more important than your finish time.

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