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Few people understand the term “day-in-day-out” quite like athletes. Their hyper-competitive way of life requires a dedication to exercise, routine, and nutrition that exceeds what most folks can handle. If you are curious about this astounding way of life, read on to learn what athletes should do every day.


It goes without saying that athletes need to work on their bodies if they want to reach the pinnacle of athletic performance. Many of them work out more than once a day, but all athletes should find a way to move their body at least once before going to bed, unless they are on a rest day (more on that later). The workouts will differ for each person, obviously, but they should improve the athlete’s whole body by exercising a variety of muscle groups.


Of all the activities that encompass what athletes should do every day, one of the easiest to ignore is rest. Athletes are just like the rest of us. They have commitments to friends, family, and work that take up much of their expendable energy. But a healthy body requires frequent rest.

On a daily basis, athletes must rest between workouts and at night. When it comes to planning the week, athletes should incorporate at least one rest day into their schedule, giving their muscles enough time to recover.

Eat Healthy

Everyone should eat a balanced diet. But athletes especially must pay attention to essential nutrition tips so their bodies can remain competitive. Every meal needs carbs, protein, and fats. Fruits, whole grains, and vegetables provide the best carbs. Athletes should ingest protein through beans and low-fat milk. They can eat meat so long as it is a lean cut. Foods like avocados, olive, oil, and nuts give athletes healthy fats.


Lastly, athletes should heed the multi-millennium-old advice and incorporate meditation into their daily routine. Meditation allows athletes to clear their minds and eliminate some of the stress that comes from competition. Athletes who meditate will be kinder, friendlier people both on and off the field. Fans admire athletes who show a positive attitude, so any way athletes can improve themselves is a career boost.

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