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As you know, chest presses are one of the top five exercises to develop a great physique and get in shape. Learn all about their benefits, in the article Bench Presses.

One variation of chest presses is Alternating Chest Presses. As with the regular chest press, it work the pectoralis major -the muscle that covers most of the chest, the pectoralis minor, the triceps, the deltoids, and the trapezius.

Benefits of Alternating Chest Presses

  • Strength: It help strengthen your chest and other upper body muscles.
  • Aesthetics: They sculpt your chest and give you a great confident look.
  • Stable Joints: Besides working the chest muscles, alternating chest presses work your stabilizer muscles, which keep your muscles stable during movement, and stabilize and strengthen your joints.
  • Injury Prevention: Having stable joints helps prevent injuries. Additionally,
  • Stamina: Keeping your muscles under tension for longer periods as you alternate the movement helps to increase endurance.
  • Simple: They can be performed by anyone, at any age, or at any fitness level.

How to Do Alternating Chest Presses

  • Grab a set of dumbbells and lay on a bench or the floor.
  • Tight up your abs and squeeze your shoulder blades together to stay centered and in control.
  • Keep your back tight arched or against the bench.
  • Lift the weights up and extend the arms perpendicularly to your body.
  • Instead of lowering both arms at the same time, slowly bring down one arm while the other one remains extended.
  • Push the weight back up and then bring down the other arm.
  • Keep alternating until the desired number of repetitions – from 8 to 15 reps.

Alternating Chest Presses Video

Alternating Chest Presses

Chest Workout

You can complete your chest workout with Chest Presses, Flyes, and Pushups

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