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Exercising can be fun and even more rewarding when you see results of growing fitter and stronger. However, there are several reasons people quit working out. One is due to setting unrealistic fitness goals. While everyone has unique fitness goals, you are more likely to fail if your goals are unreachable early on. Unfortunately, this is not the only reason you may not be seeing results. Below I’ll address other reasons you are not seeing fitness results.

Repetitive or Unchallenging Fitness Routines

One reason you are not seeing fitness results is your fitness routine. It’s great to be enthusiastic about exercising. However, if you’ve been doing the same routine over and over again to reach your fitness goals faster, you might feel like you’re putting in a lot of effort for little or no results. You should be changing up your routine because your body habituates to it and stops responding.

At the same time, you should be pushing yourself. depending on your fitness levels and overall training load for the week. You should perform an appropriate amount of high-intensity training each week. You can perform two shorter HIIT workouts each day for at least five minutes and one longer HIIT workout, say 20 minutes per week. To ensure that your body is prepared to achieve the greatest outcomes, mobility should be a part of your daily warm-up routine before exercise. 

Improper Eating

You are more likely to overeat or eat junk when you don’t have a meal plan. When you are looking for something to eat by the time you are hungry, your decision making skills are compromised.You are more likely to eat anything in sight even if those choices are sabotaging your fitness goals.

Overeating is not the only problem in relation to your diet. Undereating is a problem too. Your body starves when you eat less than your caloric requirements, which are based on your resting metabolic rate. This slows down your metabolism and causes your body to cling to fat and every calorie you eat. If you fast intermittently make sure to eat as soon as you complete your workout. You can try to eat every two to three hours within your eating window to maintain your energy levels.

Sleep deprivation 

Another reason you are not seeing fitness results is sleep deprivation. Sleep is not only vital to your health but necessary to achieve your workout goals. Your body needs sufficient rest to rebuild and recover from the day’s activity. It is crucial to remember that enough rest and good nutrition are both much-needed energy sources. 

It is advised to sleep between seven and ten hours to feel great, revitalized, and fully functional. The lack of sleep is pretty damaging for fitness enthusiasts. Not enough restful sleep is, also, associated with hormonal imbalances and brain activity that increases your likelihood of overeating. This can make it difficult to determine when you are truly hungry, or you’re seeking foods high in calories just to maintain needed energy levels. Ultimately, it is best to get enough sleep to avoid sabotaging your diet and workout efforts. 


Consistency is crucial for achieving your fitness goals, and this may require working through fitness and weight plateaus. Fortunately, there are many tips to stay consistent with exercise. So it is essential to maintain your focus while making moderate adjustments in your daily workouts. Your fitness journey may be tough and come with some challenging periods, but your willingness to make the needed lifestyle adjustments can help you get where you want to go. 

Lack of Accountability

You know that resilience and determination are crucial to reach your fitness goals. However, sometimes you may not have it within you to keep going and you need some accountability. This is when the help of a professional comes in handy. She/he can keep you accountable, push you harder, and guide you properly according to your needs. You can check out personal training Oviedo which has highly recommended fitness experts that appreciate their role in helping you achieve your objectives.

There are numerous reasons you are not seeing fitness results. Having the proper fitness routine and meal plan, getting enough deep sleep, remaining consistent and accountable are some of the factors that can make a real difference in your fitness journey. Achieving your fitness goals is not only going to get you fitter and improve your aesthetics, but it will enhance your health, energy, and mood.

To a Fitter Healthier You,

Adriana Albritton

The Fitness Wellness Mentor

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