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Labor Day is an important holiday that celebrates the labor movement and all the contributions that workers make on a regular basis.  The first parade to celebrate labor was organized in New York City and became an official federal holiday in 1894.

Labor day primordially came about as a result of organized labor movements, which value solidarity and equality. Unions emerged with the purpose to establish legislation to prohibit the exploitation of workers and to support their individual rights. As a result, the legislation established banned labor days longer than eight hours without additional pay and child labor, among other things.

It was necessary to build an umbrella to protects workers from abuse of any kind, discrimination, and exploitation.  Yet, it is sad to say that sometimes people take advantage of their unionized jobs and do not perform at their best – since it can be very difficult to layoff workers.


Job Satisfaction

Despite the occupation or the involvement of unions, most people report being unhappy at work according to surveys (Forbes, Fast Company, CBS, etc.).  Why so many people hate their jobs?  Why workers don’t deliver noteworthy results?  Why don’t they perform with enthusiasm?  Shouldn’t they act as if they are happy to have a job that provides an income?  The unfortunate reality is that many people work due to necessity but they do not enjoy what they do.



Are you dreading going to work on Mondays? Are you eager to leave the job site on Fridays?

The reality of the matter is that you spend more time at your job than at your home if you work 8-hour days. Plus, a great amount of time at home is spent sleeping.  Do not deceive yourself, the way you feel during those 8 hours affects, not only your performance, but your mood, your thinking, your appearance, your health, and the interactions with your loved ones, even if you do not recognize it.

Maybe labor day can serve as an opportunity to reflect.  Maybe your interest for you job gets heightened again.  Maybe you let your passion surface and go after your dreams.  I do really hope so!

It doesn’t matter what you do but do it with enthusiasm. Do what you love, what’s within you!  And you will experience a difference in many facets of your life.  Remember, life is to short to spend most of your waking hours unhappily.


To a Fitter Healthier You,

Adriana Albritton

The Fitness Wellness Mentor


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